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Hiring bonus: 10% of monthly salary

Posted more than 30 days ago
Senior Python Engineer (AWS)
Our client is a German platform-based football media company.

Hiring bonus: 10% of monthly salary

Posted more than 30 days ago
Senior Python Engineer (AWS)
Our client is an American athletic footwear and apparel corporation.

Hiring bonus: 10% of monthly salary

Posted more than 30 days ago
Senior Python Software Engineer
We are looking for an experienced Senior Python Software Engineer to join our team. The remote option applies only to the Candidates who will be working from any location in Ukraine.

Hiring bonus: 10% of monthly salary

Posted more than 30 days ago
Lead Python Engineer
Our client is a telecommunications company.

Hiring bonus: 10% of monthly salary

Posted more than 30 days ago
Senior Data Integration Engineer (Python, Databricks, Spark SQL)
Our client is a global, privately owned company that connects people with ideas, data with insights, supply with demand, restaurants with deliveries and ultimately, people with the products they love.

Hiring bonus: 10% of monthly salary

Posted more than 30 days ago
Senior Python Engineer
Currently, we are looking for a Senior Python Engineer to make our team even stronger.

Hiring bonus: 10% of monthly salary

Posted more than 30 days ago
Senior Python Machine Learning Engineer
We are seeking a highly skilled and motivated Python Machine Learning Engineer with extensive experience designing, developing and deploying Machine Learning models and NLP applications.

Hiring bonus: 430$ - 480$

Posted more than 30 days ago
Full Stack Developer
4300 - 4800$
We are seeking a highly skilled full stack developer(python, react) for the UK tickets-selling platform project.

Hiring bonus: 10% of monthly salary

Posted more than 30 days ago
Tech Lead/Senior Strong FS Engineer (Python/React)

Hiring bonus: 300$ - 400$

Posted more than 30 days ago
QA Automation Desktop
3000 - 4000$
Automation QA Engineer Desktop at US-based company Pixellu ___________________________ We are Pixellu. We create easy-to-use, time-saving software on a mission to simplify the lives of busy, professional photographers. We’re a fully remote team, spread across 10 countries, and 4 continents, and we’re on the hunt for the next member of our development team who is not just test but contributes to the product.

Hiring bonus: 270$ - 350$

Posted more than 30 days ago
Python Developer
2700 - 3500$
Компанія Software Development Hub calling all Python Developers: We've been searching but where are you hiding? 💚 👨‍💻 Only remote

Hiring bonus: 470$ - 510$

Posted more than 30 days ago
Senior Python Developer
4700 - 5100$
We are seeking a talented Senior Full Stack Developer with expertise in Python and Flask to join our team. The ideal candidate will have experience building robust and scalable web applications, as well as a strong background in front-end development using Node, React, and TypeScript. Knowledge of Postgres and AWS is also desirable.
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All the hottest new vacancies and best new candidates
All the hottest new vacancies and best new candidates

Whether you found us as Jobitt or Jobit, it takes no time to get started, and your search journey will be well underway in no time. Employers can gain instant access to a list of top-tier candidates, even from those of you joining today. Discovery becomes a lightning-fast process on JOBITT.

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Seekers’ perspective
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  • A Variety of Vacancies

    A Variety of Vacancies

  • Hiring bonus

    Hiring bonus

  • Work Anywhere in the World

    Work Anywhere in the World

  • 100% Anonymous

    100% Anonymous

  • Excellent Compensation

    Excellent Compensation

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    No Spam

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The Resume Maker is designed to ensure your resume successfully reflects your brilliance! Create a professional resume quickly and easily. Start your successful job search on JOBITT with the Resume Maker.

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Benefits of Job Seeking on the JOBITT Website
  • Various & Plentiful Vacancies

    Various & Plentiful Vacancies

    JOBITT anonymous job search offers job seekers a wide range of incredible companies that recruit teams from around the world.

    Whether you are a front-end or back-end IT specialist with knowledge of multiple programming languages, a UI/UX Designer, a QA master, or an experienced marketer, there are companies actively seeking people just like you to fill their vacancies today.

  • The Unique Platform Algorithm

    The Unique Platform Algorithm

    Our algorithm allows employers to quickly connect with the best applicants. We have developed it to work with vacancies and CVs help filter candidates accurately according to indicated parameters. This means employers find exactly what they need, the true diamond in the rough to fit their specific requirements.

  • Fully Anonymous

    Fully Anonymous

    Until you agree to work together, employees remain anonymous throughout the hiring process. This means you can focus on the skills, salary, and qualifications and everyone can find exactly what they want without having to worry about confidentiality. No useless offers, no spam, just high-quality job searches with the safety of anonymity.

  • One-of-a-Kind Built-In Resume Maker

    One-of-a-Kind Built-In Resume Maker

    Don’t have an up-to-date resume? No problem! You can quickly create a brand-new resume for free on JOBITT. Include only the necessary skills, relevant work experience, and important background information that will get you noticed for the positions you’re perfect for!

    Once you publish your resume, you’ll be reviewed by some of the best employers with the most exciting job offers available. Take advantage of one of our specially designed templates, to ensure you include everything potential employers really want to see.

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