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Full Stack Developer Los Angeles, Los Lunas (5), More than 5 years experience, Intermediate
5 December 2022
Mobile Application Developer working with React Native, Android, Swift and so on. I’m looking for long-term, believable relation and advance my career.
HTML Developer/ Front-End 300$, Kyiv, Without experience, Intermediate
5 December 2022
Виконую невеликі проекти для себе та на замовлення близько року. Активно вивчаю мову JavaScript, готова освоїти нові технології і хочу й надалі розвиватись у фронтенд напрямі. Добре працюю в команді та самостійно вирішую складні задачі.
Developer C++ 4500$, Monterrey, Guadalajara, More than 5 years experience, Intermediate
5 December 2022
Systems engineer passionate about continuous learning, new technologies, and software development. With around 10 years of experience in the development of optimization solutions, expert systems, and quality improvement. I like contributing my curiosity, experience, and skills.
Strong Junior Vue.js developer Tashkent, 2 years experience, Upper Intermediate
4 December 2022
I'm a software developer with over two years of experience working in the tech industry, providing valuable expertise to businesses.
Junior javascript developer 700$, Kyiv, 1 year experience, Intermediate
4 December 2022
Have strong development background: c++, SQL, 1C
Flutter Engineer 3000$, Kyiv, Dnipro (6), More than 3 years experience, Upper Intermediate
3 December 2022
I am a team player, goal oriented, time conscious and high motivated developer looking to build the next million dollar app
Senior Software Engineer (Python) 7000$, Warsaw, More than 5 years experience, Advanced/Fluent
3 December 2022
Senior Software Engineer. Proficient with Python and C. As for Python and backend, work mostly with Flask and FastAPI. Have experience working with containerised applications. Have good Computer Science background (algorithms, data structures, complexity, patterns, OOP). Have Bachelor Degree in Computer Science. Also have experience with x86 assembly, parallel computing in C/C++ and quantum computing. As for clouds, most of experience is in GCP and AWS.
IT Recruiter 800$, Kyiv, 1 year experience, Advanced/Fluent
2 December 2022
A dedicated full cycle IT recruiter.
Frontend Developer 500$, Kharkiv, Kyiv (3), 1 year experience, Beginner/Elementary
2 December 2022
I am a passionate and detail-oriented fronted developer looking for an entry-level position within a company to use my programming skills, solve complex problems, and help complete projects on time. I'm a fast learner, I know how to work with Google and I can cover any topic that a project needs, I can work in a team and take responsibility for myself, I'm a very communicative person, so it's easy and fun for others to work with me, I'm also not afraid complex tasks.
Back-end-developer (Node.js) 4000$, Kyiv, More than 5 years experience, Advanced/Fluent
1 December 2022
Communicative, hard-working and responsible person with good knowledge of building APIs, designing systems and delivering value to the clients!
C++ Developer / C++ (Qt) Ivano-Frankivsk, Without experience, Pre-Intermediate
30 November 2022
Denys, 16 y.o. live in Ukraine, started studying programming like 2 years ago, don't have any experience, just want to see how it works and
Python Backend Developer 2000$, Kryvyy Rih, More than 5 years experience, Upper Intermediate
30 November 2022
1. Developed Web Application “My Choice” for Social Department. (Python/Django, JavaScript/React, SQL/PostgreSQL) 2. Developed e-Commerce Web Sites and CMS 3. Developed SCADA systems for Iron Ore Enrichment Works. (PHP/Laravel, JavaScript/jQuery, SQL). 4. Developed software for data integration from local SCADA-systems to the global system SAP ERP. (C#, SQL).
Front-end developer (Angular) 4000$, Baku, More than 3 years experience, Intermediate
29 November 2022
I have been an Angular Front-End Developer for over 4 years and currently work for a leading IT company in Azerbaijan. I am skilled in Angular 2+, TypeScript, JavaScript.
Backend Node.js developer 2000$, Tashkent, 2 years experience, Intermediate
29 November 2022
I have overall 13 years of experience. And 2 years of experience as Node.js backend developer.
Senior Python backend developer Warsaw, Krakow (8), 1 year experience, Intermediate
28 November 2022
I thinkthatthe most important thing is the self-improvement I gain with every new programming experience
Frontend Developer 2500$, More than 5 years experience, Intermediate
28 November 2022
Більше інформації в ПМ. Бо бот не хоче аплоадити резюме :) Magento 2 (editing and styling products, categories, homepage, checkout pages, and other cms pages using less, jquery, sass, js, XML, knockout, HTML, PHP). Work with projects on support (bug fixing and adding new features). Self-education in reactjs, alpinejs, typescript, tailwindcss, shopify. Working with Yotpo, Nosto, and Mailchimp services
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