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Our team is looking for an experienced and enterprising Project Manager
: I am looking for a Project Manager in an IT company (outsource/outstaff)
Building and maintaining project(s) team structure to meet successful project(s) goals and objectives Leading and directing cybersecurity engineers and IT auditors teams to deliver the project(s) within the constraints of scope, schedule, budget, and resources Handling day-to-day operational activities of assigned project(s)
Обов'язки: — Успішна розробка проекту; — Управління командою та координація між членами команди; — Відповідальність за навантаження членів команди, управління ресурсами, необхідними для виконання роботи командою; — Управління проектними ризиками.
DRESSLAB is a leading technology partner in the textile and fashion industry. The company's goal is to evolve in the fashion industry - from digitizing clothes in production to a client who uses his model in a virtual fitting room. We provide a user experience in which online shopping - Internet resources, and the user - offline, which takes the client to a new level of experience. The platform helps you get a complete immersion for the best experience.
DRESSLAB UA is a subsidiary of the German company DRESSLAB GmbH which provides advanced developments in the field of digitalization of clothes and people, using the latest artificial intelligence approaches.
Project Manager in Cloud drives Design, Build, Migrate and Run projects. Takes a proactive part in suggesting technologies, tools, and approaches advocate the best management practices and tools for effective use to support Cloud strategy or DevOps culture.
28 April 2022
Wetelo specializes in custom tech solutions while heedfully focusing on our clients’ business objectives and needs. Our core competencies:- work with SaaS products from planning to implementation,- solutions for business automation,- cross-platform applications.
18 April 2022
We are looking for a highly efficient manager who loves being in the center of the action.
28 March 2022
Are you proactive and organized Project Manager? Contact us, we are waiting defitinely for you!
8 March 2022
We are looking for a project manager with 2 years of experience
15 February 2022
We are looking for a Project Manager with 3-5 years of project management experience from European Union
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