How to Describe Work Experience on a Resume

Today's employment statistics look disappointing. Roanestate report says that out of 250 resumes received, a company chooses no more than 6 for an interview, and only 1 person receives a job offer. Why does this happen? Recruiters look at the questionnaires and see the same information. They identify a few unique candidates using a screening method or automation systems. After reviewing the relevant profiles, they make a decision about the interview.

How to interest an employer? You just need to fill out a questionnaire with truthful information about yourself. Today we will consider in detail what to write in the work experience in the resume and how to fill this section correctly.

Description of Work Experience: Key Rules

Professional skills and work experience must be presented correctly. So that the recruiter sees the right information from the first seconds. It's not about colored letters or "jumping" lines. A resume, or summary, is a business document with a particular structure. It should be brief and easy to understand. You can interest the recruiter by organizing your experience and extracting only the most important from it. How to do it? Let's look at the basic rules of how to describe work experience on your resume:

Put yourself in the employer's shoes. What do they need, and what skills do they expect from the candidate? Write what is important for the vacancy being considered.

Showcase your most significant accomplishments. Read the requirements carefully and consider which of your successes will interest the recruiter.

Add more specifics. Did you achieve high goals in the right direction at your last job, and can you prove it? Be bold enough to include your accomplishments so the employer can be convinced of your professionalism.

What Work Experience to Put On Your Resume?

From the beginning of your employment history to your current job. Sounds simple, but in practice? Work experience for a resume is like a marketing campaign for a brand. The main goal is to put yourself out there to increase your chances of success. Recruiters care about an experience in similar positions. If you don't have it, emphasize similar responsibilities. If there are none – write your entire work history, starting with your first job.

What should I write in the "work experience" section of my resume? Specify the main places of work that are at least a little bit similar to the chosen job. The responsibilities of an executive, manager, analyst, or marketer can be universal. Skills obtained in such positions apply everywhere and thus increase the chances of an invitation to an interview and official employment.

Order for Work Experience. How to Put Work Experience on Your Resume?

The formation of the resume is done in a universal order. So work experience looks the most logical if you put this block after the section "About me." In this place, it will fit harmoniously into the questionnaire and tell the recruiter about your work history. If a beginner fills the profile, it is better to change this information with the education, focusing the employer's attention on the achievements in training. How to describe the experience in the resume correctly, and what should be avoided in the profile design?


Filling out the resume section describing current work should not be generalized.

AH Prirechny

Head of IT department, 01.2013 - present time

  • Managed equipment modernization and optimization project and implemented 10 in-house developments in the production process.
  • Coordinated the work of a team of 12 employees, upgraded their skills, and trained them as subject matter mechanics.
  • Developed intelligent systems for the company and equipped 2 complexes with automatic cameras and sensors.


Weak example of a resume that lists work experience:

IT Specialist at Profi LLC, 15 years of experience

  • Worked in the company's office.
  • Solved all the tasks and requirements of the management.
  • In-depth study of the English language
  • Learned new software development techniques.

In What Order to Specify Work Experience in a Resume: Example, Sample, and Tips

In what chronological order should I complete my work experience on my resume? The most effective method is in descending order. First, list your current or last position, mentioning the company, and move on to the first job in your employment history.

Since recruiters care about current information, a position ten years ago will be of little interest to them, no matter who you were then. That's why candidates need to know exactly how to put duration and work experience on a resume. Let's look at a sample of the correct description of this block.

Positions are placed in reverse order:

Sales Manager in X, 02.2017-03.2021.

Executive director at Y, 03.2013-01.2017.

Analyst at Z, 05.2000-02.2013.

Executive intern at W, 06.1997-04.2000.

If a candidate applies for a sales representative position, the first entry will confirm their competence and set them apart from the competition.

How to Specify a Promotion on Your Resume?

If you've been promoted in one job but don't know how to put a job promotion on your resume, see how one of our job seekers did it:


  • Optimized the performance of the search engine, speeding up the processing of queries by 4%.
  • Implemented an algorithm for recognizing incoherent phrases and wording in the browser.
  • Appointed Head of Intelligent Systems Development and Integration into Search.

You could break down your work experience chronologically, listing each position separately. But in the end, the questionnaire's text will go beyond the recommended length, reducing the chances of successful employment.

Sample, How to Describe Experience in a Resume

Unlike the CV, which describes the work history in more detail and leaves the contacts of previous employers, the resume contains only the key points. To understand what kind of experience to specify, look at this template:

Vasily Ivanov, 37 years old, Lviv.
17 years of experience in marketing, 3 awards for increasing company revenue as a result of developing new strategies.

Business Analyst, 01.2017 - present time

  • Research and analysis of the agribusiness market in the northern region.
  • Developing strategies for business development and asset expansion.
  • Training interns and integration them into the company.

CJSC Cherry
Marketing Manager, 02.2010-12.2016

  • Search and development of advertising channels.
  • Adapting brand image.
  • Communication with consumers.

It is what an example of how to create a summary for a resume for a marketing job looks like. And what to write about work experience in a resume for an IT company? The recommendations remain the same – describe the specific tasks and goals you achieved. Show your strengths in the field.

What to Write on Your Resume if You Have No Work Experience

What work experience is most important? Relevant to the job you want. But what do you do when it is absent, and you are yesterday's student with courses you have taken?

Show that you already have some competence in the subject. Emphasize your training and certificates. Describe your achievements during your studies in more detail, attach digital certificates or provide a link to a resource with them.

How to Describe Work Experience on Your Resume: Effective Tips

To create a competitive resume, it is necessary to concisely and nicely present information about yourself. When writing a resume or correcting an existing one, follow simple recommendations:

Write only about the experience the job requires. If you don't have it, list courses you've taken or similar positions where you've acquired the necessary skills.

Talk about your responsibilities in your previous job. As proof, talk about the company and your contributions to it.

Lack of experience should not stop you. Specify your advantages: personal achievements, skills, or abilities acquired in courses, training, or self-study.

The description of work experience should be readable. Use simple sentences without unnecessary slang and colloquialisms.


Now you know how to indicate the work period in your resume correctly. If you need to make a resume, then focus on our tips, and you'll get the best competitive resume that will increase your chances of getting hired. Go to JOBITT, post your anonymous profile and choose the best of thousands of IT jobs!


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