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Product Designer 3000$, Kharkiv, More than 5 years experience, Upper Intermediate
Posted more than 30 days ago
UX / Design
Hi there! I'm a UX/UI/Product Designer from Ukraine and AVAILABLE to relocate to European Union. With 10+ years of experience, I specialize in creating visually appealing and user-friendly user interfaces. I'm eager to move to Poland or another EU Country and take on new challenges.
System Administrator 500$, Poltava, More than 3 years experience, Pre-Intermediate
Posted more than 30 days ago
SysAdmin Support
3+ роки стажу, на посаді - системний адміністратор /технічна підтримка. Навчаюсь на full stack developer, цікавлюсь автоматизацією
Python Engineer 1000$, Krakow, Warsaw (4), 1 year experience, Upper Intermediate
Posted more than 30 days ago
🚀 Skilled Software Engineer specializing in Python (3.x), Django, Flask, FastAPI, REST API, SQL (Alembic, SQLAlchemy), NoSQL (MongoDB, MongoEngine), Redis, RabbitMQ, Docker, GitHub/GitLab. Proficient in test automation (Selenium, unittest, pytest), OOP, SOLID, DRY, YAGNI, and KISS. Efficient multitasker, adept at client communication, and innovative in problem solving. Goal: Drive company growth through timely project completion. Excited to contribute and explore opportunities. 🌟
Cyber security specialist 650$, Lviv, 0.5 years experience, Upper Intermediate
22 May 2024
I like jazz, radioelectronics, chess, sports and creative photography.
QA Automation Engineer 3500$, Dnipro, More than 3 years experience, Intermediate
22 May 2024
QA Automation
Experienced software tester with 3 years of commercial experience and proficiency in cloud technologies. Skilled in Java automation using JUnit, TestNG, Karate, Selenium, Selenide, and Selenoid. Expertise in microservices architecture and hands-on experience in UI and API automation testing. Familiar with databases including Apache Cassandra and PostgreSQL, and knowledgeable in Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) principles.
22 May 2024
C / C++ / Embedded, Python, Java, QA Manual
JavaScript/TypeScript разработчик игр 1200$, Kharkiv, Kyiv, More than 5 years experience, Pre-Intermediate
21 May 2024
Front-End / JS
Квалифицированный и опытный разработчик 2d игр с использованием языка JavaScript и его современных возможностей. Предан своему делу. Всегда готов учиться и развиваться.
Python backend developer 2900$, Chernivtsi, More than 3 years experience, Upper Intermediate
21 May 2024
Python Django Angular
Knowledgeable and skilled software development professional offering advanced abilities in wide range of programming languages, including Python and JavaScript/TypeScript. Quickly understands requirements for new systems and creates robust code. Familiar with testing, debugging and correcting problems found in existing software systems.
3D Artist 700$, Lviv, 0.5 years experience, Beginner/Elementary
21 May 2024
3D Animation
Роботи не боюсь, працюю на результат
BI Developer 2000$, Xiva, More than 3 years experience, Upper Intermediate
20 May 2024
BI Machine
Business Intelligence professional with more than 3+ years of experience in the full data delivery pipeline, which includes database design, database maintenance, data collection, ETL processing.Excellent skills in writing T-SQL queries, stored procedures, user defined functions, window functions, derived tables and views and SQL performance tuning. Expert level knowledge of BI applications such as SSMS, SSIS, visualization and reporting tools such as SSRS and Power BI.
Strong Junior Java Developer Ivano-Frankivsk, 2 years experience, Pre-Intermediate
20 May 2024
Experienced developer of web services for business. Easily navigate the project, work with other people's code, and develop clean and optimized code. I have worked on microservice architecture projects and monolith hard-to-extendable services.
Senior Frontend React Engineer 2000$, Tashkent, More than 5 years experience, Upper Intermediate
19 May 2024
Front-End / JS
Teaholic ☕️+❤️ teamplayer with hands on experience in fintech projects. Sharing my ideas and thoughts on my Medium page ✍️.
Full Stack Web Developer 1500$, Warsaw, Krakow (8), More than 3 years experience, Upper Intermediate
19 May 2024
Full-Stack Front-End / JS BackEnd
Results-driven web developer with over two years of experience. Proven problem solver with 3000+ hours of troubleshooting complex issues, optimizing website performance, and collaborating across teams to deliver high-quality development solutions. Proficient in front-end and back-end technologies. Eager to contribute to a dynamic team and drive company success through web development expertise and dedication.
Junior Unity/C# developer Kyiv, 1 year experience, Intermediate
19 May 2024
Gamedev GameDev / Unity / AS3
Мене звати Ольга. Я цікавлюсь програмуванням вже доволі довго і дуже хотіла б потрапити в команду по розробці ігор. Може моїх знань недостатньо, проте готова поповнювати їх.
IT Recruiter Kyiv, More than 3 years experience, Pre-Intermediate
19 May 2024
PHP Python Front-End / JS
PHP Developer, qa engineer, frontend developer, machine learning engineer
Middle Flutter Developer 135000$, New York, Los Angeles (8), More than 5 years experience, Advanced/Fluent
19 May 2024
Android iOS Front-End / JS PHP Node.js Python Java Golang C / C++ / Embedded
Experienced Full Stack Software Developer proficient in iOS, Android, and cross-platform frameworks like Flutter and React Native. Skilled in Swift, Kotlin, JavaScript, and UI/UX design, I specialize in crafting robust mobile solutions.
Trainee Web Developer, Trainee Python Developer, Trainee Wordpress Middelburg, Assen (8), 2 years experience, Advanced/Fluent
19 May 2024
PHP Python
I’ve 3+ year of experience in tech industry and also in Textile industries. These whole years of experience have made me the most exceptional and demanding one. I genuinely express the intensive skills every firm wants. Skilled Coding Teacher teaching at elementary and middle school levels. Also has Freelancing experience as a Software developer.
UI/UX Designer 550$, Lviv, 1 year experience, Pre-Intermediate
18 May 2024
I am a Junior UI/UX designer at the start of my professional journey and am passionate about creativity and eager to learn new things. I possess the skills to create website designs that are both engaging and user-friendly. Always ready for challenges/interesting tasks, a quick learner, and open to collaboration. My goal is to enhance my skills and develop my career in a professional web design environment. I am committed to creating visually appealing and easy-to-use websites.
React/ JavaScript / Front-End / HTML 600$, Kyiv, 1 year experience, Upper Intermediate
17 May 2024
Front-End / JS
I am a results-driven Frontend Developer with a strong foundation in React, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, Sass (SCSS), BEM and Redux. Proven team player: took part as frontend in team project (online flower shop) in collaboration with a QA, Designer, and Java backend developer. Assumed the role of a team lead.
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