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ESL teacher/Recruiter/HR manager 500$, Kyiv, Without experience, Intermediate
23 May 2022
Ready to work hard every day. I'm a fast learner.
Media Buyer Kryvyy Rih, More than 3 years experience, Upper Intermediate
23 May 2022
User Acquisition Manager / Media Buyer My CV:
Junior Front End Developer Kyiv, Lviv (1), 2 years experience, Beginner/Elementary
23 May 2022
Работаю 2 года верстальщиком - FrontEnd имею опыт работы с такими программами как Photoshop,Figma,AdobeXD,avacode,zeplin.
Junior QA manual 1000$, Poznan, 1 year experience, Intermediate
23 May 2022
Hardworking and passionate, with strong organizational skills and attention to detail eager to secure entry-level QA Engineer position. Ready to help a team achieve company goals. Motivated to learn and grow in manual & automation
UI / UX designer 2000$, Baku, More than 5 years experience, Advanced/Fluent
23 May 2022
Highly creative and multitalented Designer with extensive experience in multimedia, marketing, and print design. With exceptional collaborative and interpersonal skills, I work as a dynamic team player who utilises well-developed written and verbal communication abilities while relying on more than 15 years of honed experience with Animate/After Effects, flash/UI&UX/HTML5 banners, interactive presentations and apps.
Frontend Web Developer 1000$, Kyiv, 1 year experience, Upper Intermediate
23 May 2022
Frontend stack: HTML, CSS, Javascript, ReactJS, Typescript
Junior front-end developer Odesa, Without experience, Pre-Intermediate
23 May 2022
Hello! My name Kate and l want to start work in my first it company. I'm haven’t experience in this field, but I can say that I very quickly learn.
Junior Manual QA Kyiv, 1 year experience, Intermediate
23 May 2022
I enjoy solving complex problems Easily absorb new information I love learning new skills Sociable
Junior Front-end Developer, HTML/CSS Верстальщик Kyiv, Without experience, Pre-Intermediate
22 May 2022
Мене звати Кароліна. Я вже 6 років живу у Києві. Я працювала у ресторанному бізнесі, але одного разу вирішила змінити своє життя і присвятити його IT. Зараз я навчаюсь на курсах GoIT Full-Stack Developer. Проте, як на мене, мені дуже не вистачає практики! Тому зараз хочу знайти роботу, на якій можливо навчитися практики вже маючи якісь базові знання.
DevOps / Sysadmin Zaporizhzhia, 1 year experience, Beginner/Elementary
22 May 2022
I am a developer from Ukraine. I want to retrain as a devops engineer. There is little experience in this area. I want trainee offers.
Junior PPC 1000$, Kremenchuk, 1 year experience, Intermediate
22 May 2022
Hi, everyone! my name is Dima, I'm 22 years old. I was born in Mariupol, but now I live in Kremenchuk. At the moment I don't have a lot of work experience, but all my previous experience were relevant to the position that I would like to get. I worked for a small private organization to launch advertising for the sale. In case of some difficult situation, I try to be calm and reasonable, not to panic and calm down others people. I am hardworking and responsible person.
Front-end Developer, HTML&CSS Markup developer Kyiv, Without experience, Intermediate
22 May 2022
Begginer Web­developer, passed courses on learning platform ITVDN and Udemy. The main goal is to become a professional
Junior Project Manager 400$, Dnipro, Without experience, Upper Intermediate
22 May 2022
Currently I am a Senior Import Manager in EMM, Ltd (mattresses production). It was my first position after receiving my M.B.A. Management of organization degree. Now I found out that I need to do a new step in my life and try myself in another company with more possibilities. I am interested in IT industry, because it can help me to gain unbelievable and unique knowledge. I am learning Project Management in Google school now and have already gained some Certificates.
Маю великий досвід керування мережами на базі Windows Server Active Directory Domain. Встановлював та налаштовував різні операційні системи, Windows, Linux, IOS та прикладне програмне забезпечення під них. Досвід адміністрування MS SQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle серверів. Адміністрація МЕДОК, 1С 8.3, BAF, BAS. І багато інших програмних продуктів. розробляв програми на VBA MS Access, Word, Excel. Маю досвід розробки програм на Delphi.
Developer C++ 1000$, Lviv, 2 years experience, Upper Intermediate
22 May 2022
sdcxZ dsagfd v fakc fdsk vgk fdska
Trainee QA Engineer Dnipro, Without experience, Pre-Intermediate
22 May 2022
• Have basic knowledge of test execution methodologies. • Knowledge of software development life cycle, and Agile methodologies(Scrum/Kanban). • Capable of writing and executing test cases as well as composing bug reports. • Basic knowledge of HTML/CSS. • Basic knowledge of MySQL. • Basic knowledge of Postman • Basic knowledge of Fiddler • Basic knowledge of Selenium
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