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Python developer 1000$, Kyiv, 2 years experience, Beginner/Elementary
30 June 2022
The developer is Python, I develop telegram bots, I work with databases (Example: MongoDB), I can parse sites and receive information in JSON format. I Work with Asyncio and Aiohttp libraries, Aiohttp - can send requests at 10+ requests per second. I can write a program of any complexity. I have been working with Python for over 2 years.
Python Kyiv, 1 year experience, Intermediate
16 June 2022
Main Language: Python Basic knowledge of JavaScript, Java, C++, Ruby Additional Skills: - Django, RoR - PostgreSQL - PyTest - HTML, CSS - Bootstrap - API, Postman - Git, Gitbash - PyCharm - AGILE, SCRUM - Windows/Linux.
Python developer 400$, Kyiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Without experience, Intermediate
14 June 2022
Закінчив інженерію програмного забезпечення в 2021 році. Наразі працю на посаді керівника ІТ-відділу(головний системний адміністратор) в компанії, що займається громадським харчуванням. Бажаю перейти на розробку продуктів. Швидко навчаюся. Вмію швидко шукати інформацію та застосовувати її. Не боюся діяти.
Python developer Kyiv, 1 year experience, Intermediate
13 June 2022
Everything in a resume(profile)
Python Django Develop 1350$, Kyiv, 2 years experience, Pre-Intermediate
7 June 2022
I am ready to take on an interesting project in any branch of programming, I like to do it and develop more and more. I hope to get into a friendly team.
Python Junior 1000$, Lviv, Odesa (3), Without experience, Pre-Intermediate
1 March 2022
Более 10 лет работаю как фрилансер, основной вид деятельности - продвижение сайтов (SEO). Могу предоставить ссылки на профили. Изучаю программирование, в частности Python. Сейчас на уровне Junior. Есть выполненные проекты на Github. Хочу развиваться в направлении программирования, машинного обучения, обработки текстов.
Python Junior 200$, Tashkent, Without experience, Upper Intermediate
1 March 2022
To bring my excellent sense of hard-working devotion and well-organization to the platform of IT and make use of those practically.Responsible,flexible and manageble with the capability to work independently.Positive characteristic and sociable with the team members
Python Trainee, Junior python developer, Back-end (python) trainee 500$, Kyiv, Lviv, Without experience, Upper Intermediate
1 March 2022
Strong experience in Business development and sales of logistic products. Now am looking for a trainee position in programming (Python) to switch.
python backend developer 700$, Samarkand, 2 years experience, Pre-Intermediate
1 March 2022
Responsibilities: 1. Creation of Backend'a and site API. API for programs on Flutter; 2. Creation and administration of sites; 3. Backend and site API support
Python Junior Kyiv, Without experience, Upper Intermediate
1 March 2022
Studied over Applied Math with main disciplines. I have built 20+ projects on my own and search for some experience. I want to have some practice and opportunity to continue working in your company like a specialist of python. My github:
Python Junior 800$, Kyiv, Without experience, Pre-Intermediate
1 March 2022
Изучаю язык Python на протяжении года, изучил Python,Django,Flask,HTML,CSS,Docker,MySQL, SQLlite,в данный момент прохожу курсы Hillel Python pro,изучаю Selery.
Python developer Cherkasy, Kyiv (1), 1 year experience, Intermediate
1 March 2022
Write scripts and make my own project
Python developer 800$, Kharkiv, 1 year experience, Pre-Intermediate
1 March 2022
Hello, my name is Den, and I am a trainee/junior python developer. Over the last year I have been studying Python lang and have a pet projects (HelpDesk service, HackerNews service). Now a am looking for an internship or job as a trainee/junior Python developer. If you have some opportunities for me - please contact me in a preferable way.
Python Junior 500$, Kyiv, 1 year experience, Intermediate
1 March 2022
I have already tried myself in various fields. I managed to visit 6 countries and I know exactly what I want. Namely, to work with full dedication and change our country for the better. The priority for me is not money, but communication with people who know how to earn and increase capital. I love programming and have already written many interesting programs. - bots for Telegram - Games - Window programs - Data analysis and machine learning My github:
Python developer Ternopil, More than 5 years experience, Pre-Intermediate
1 March 2022
- More than 20 years of experience in developing complex projects "from scratch". - Managed a group of developers, performed the main work on software development.
Python developer 1200$, Kyiv, Lviv, 1 year experience, Upper Intermediate
1 March 2022
Tecnical skills: Python Django Git Soft skills: Ability of team work, to be responsible for result and to learn
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