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System Administrator 500$, Poltava, More than 3 years experience, Pre-Intermediate
Posted more than 30 days ago
SysAdmin Support
3+ роки стажу, на посаді - системний адміністратор /технічна підтримка. Навчаюсь на full stack developer, цікавлюсь автоматизацією
Product Designer 3000$, Kharkiv, More than 5 years experience, Upper Intermediate
Posted more than 30 days ago
UX / Design
Hi there! I'm a UX/UI/Product Designer from Ukraine and AVAILABLE to relocate to European Union. With 10+ years of experience, I specialize in creating visually appealing and user-friendly user interfaces. I'm eager to move to Poland or another EU Country and take on new challenges.
Python Engineer 1000$, Krakow, Warsaw (4), 1 year experience, Upper Intermediate
Posted more than 30 days ago
🚀 Skilled Software Engineer specializing in Python (3.x), Django, Flask, FastAPI, REST API, SQL (Alembic, SQLAlchemy), NoSQL (MongoDB, MongoEngine), Redis, RabbitMQ, Docker, GitHub/GitLab. Proficient in test automation (Selenium, unittest, pytest), OOP, SOLID, DRY, YAGNI, and KISS. Efficient multitasker, adept at client communication, and innovative in problem solving. Goal: Drive company growth through timely project completion. Excited to contribute and explore opportunities. 🌟
WordPress Developer 200$, New York, Los Angeles (8), More than 3 years experience, Advanced/Fluent
30 November 2023
PHP Java Front-End / JS C / C++ / Embedded
Dear Hiring Manager, As a seasoned WordPress Developer, I bring a dynamic blend of technical prowess and creative finesse. With a proven track record of delivering cutting-edge websites. I am eager to contribute my skills to elevate your digital projects. My proficiency in HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript, coupled with a passion for staying abreast of the latest industry trends, positions me as a dynamic contributor to your team.
Front End Developer 900$, Tunja, 0.5 years experience, Intermediate
30 November 2023
Front-End / JS
Full Stack Developer, with a focus on Front End and a solid foundation in technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I have key skills in communication, creativity, problem-solving, and leadership. Enthusiastic about learning and sharing knowledge. I have a strong interest in User Experience (UX/UI) Design to create optimal and attractive interfaces that meet client requirements and provide a comfortable navigation experience.
Junior QA manual Kyiv, 0.5 years experience, Upper Intermediate
29 November 2023
QA Manual
Останнім часом я активно розвивав свої навички в галузі тестування, фокусуючись на ручному тестуванні. Я успішно завершив навчальні програми з тестування та отримав практичний досвід роботи з різними тестовими методиками та інструментами. Мій підхід до тестування включає увагу до деталей, систематичність і прагнення до забезпечення високої якості продукту. Я маю добрі аналітичні здібності, що дозволяють мені ефективно виявляти та документувати помилки.
Junior Java Developer Warsaw, 1 year experience, Advanced/Fluent
29 November 2023
Support Java Sales
I am an experienced developer with a background in Business Economy and Management. My education is from DBGY Highschool and the University of Helsinki, specializing in Java Programming. My past in sales, and customer support has honed my skills in communication, teamwork, and problem-solving. With this and a passion for tech and a dedication to learn, I am confident in my ability to contribute to any IT team. With my skills in Java and my fluency in English I make an ideal candidate.
Front-end developer (React) 1700$, Kyiv, More than 3 years experience, Intermediate
29 November 2023
Front-End / JS
Front-end developer since 2019. Last 3 years of development on React. Worked with both small projects and enterprise-level projects. Main technologies: React, Redux, Next, JS/TS, HTML5/Pug, CSS3/SCSS/Less, MateriaUI. I also have experience with Vue3.
React Native developer Kharkiv, More than 3 years experience, Intermediate
29 November 2023
I am a FullStack Web/Hybrid Mobile Apps Developer with over 8 years of experience. Experienced and comfortable in: - High level of knowledge in React/Redux, React Native - Node/Express - MySQL, MongoDB - CSS3, Bootstrap - HTML5 - Firebase - Redux/Saga - BLE - Git, GitHub, Bitbucket With these and other technologies I've worked on about 20 projects of various complexity. Will help you bring ideas to life, with pleasure
Android developer Kyiv, Without experience, Intermediate
29 November 2023
Android Kotlin
A young developer with a primary focus on Kotlin. I have a passion for mobile application development and a deep understanding of programming fundamentals.
Recruiter/Talent Acquisition Specialist 2500$, Kharkiv, Kyiv (1), More than 3 years experience, Upper Intermediate
29 November 2023
Recruiters and HR
I have 3 years of proven experience in IT recruitment. I've been working with tech & non-tech positions with various seniority level from Junior to Tech Lead and Delivery Manager. Also I have experience as a Recruitment Lead and junior specialists' mentor.
Junior Full stack developer (React+Node) 3000$, Kyiv, More than 5 years experience, Advanced/Fluent
29 November 2023
Front-End / JS Node.js
Senior Full-stack Developer with 7 years of proven leadership and meaningfully contributions to teams of varying size and scope. With my results- driven mentality, and teaching new, efficient technologies to make aggressive deadlines consistently achievable.
Junior Project Manager, Scrum Master, Project Coordinator Dnipro, 1.5 years experience, Upper Intermediate
29 November 2023
Project Manager
Experience to business - diligent Project manager/Scrum master.
Fullstack Developer 5000$, Montreal, Toronto, More than 5 years experience, Intermediate
29 November 2023
Front-End / JS Node.js Python PHP Blockchain BackEnd
Senior fullstack & blockchain developer
29 November 2023
Angular HR Project Manager Recruiter Sales DevOps
Junior Java Developer 400$, Kharkiv, Without experience, Upper Intermediate
29 November 2023
CSS Docker Linux MySQL Java
Passionate computer engineering student with four years of academic experience seeking a job opportunity as a junior Java backend developer. After dedicating three years to mastering Java and the essential technologies I am confident in my skills to become a valuable addition to any development team.
QA enginner Kharkiv, Kyiv (4), 2 years experience, Pre-Intermediate
29 November 2023
QA Manual
Hardworking manual tester with a higher technical education, and good analytical skills, who is attentive to details, and capable of fast learning
Angular developer Kyiv, More than 3 years experience, Intermediate
29 November 2023
+3 years of experience in developing JavaScript web applications using Angular, Rxjs, TypeScript, SCSS. Working with various JavaScript UI libraries such as Angular Material and UI Bootstrap.
SRE/DevOps Engineer 2300$, Dnipro, More than 3 years experience, Upper Intermediate
28 November 2023
DevOps SysAdmin
Skilled system engineer with 6+ years of experience became a confident DevOps
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