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Python Outstaffing Nicosia, More than 3 years experience, Upper Intermediate
13 March 2023
I’m a Python Back End Developer, offering 4 years of extensive experience and analytical and critical thinking skills. Delivers a proactive approach, great work ethic, and the ability to function well in fast-paced/deadline-driven team environments. I am focused on a high-quality work result and aims at applying skills in the implementation of assigned tasks.
Python developer Zaporizhzhia, 0.5 years experience, Advanced/Fluent
6 March 2023
Hi, I am a beginner Python Developer with a solid engineering background and strong command of English. In 2022, I ventured upon switching my career and took courses in Python, Computer Science and Web Programming where I acquired necessary skills while completing 7 web projects, 8 labs and solving dozens of problems of different scope and complexity. Now, I am eager to apply my new skills in a professional setting.
Python Lviv, 2 years experience, Intermediate
1 March 2023
Finding new solutions and solving problems at Python
Python developer Odesa, Without experience, Pre-Intermediate
24 February 2023
Hi! I'm a student at the a.I. Hillel school. Looking for a team where I can practically apply my knowledge and grow as a developer
Python developer Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, 1.5 years experience, Upper Intermediate
24 February 2023
Junior Python Engineer with 1.5 years experience
Python developer 3700$, Dnipro, More than 5 years experience, Pre-Intermediate
22 February 2023
I would like to work with asynchronous projects: fastapi, aiohttp. I wouldn't like to work alone at BackEnd, I would like to work in a team. In my opinion, teamwork will be more effective both for the project and for the developers.
Python developer Uzhhorod, 1.5 years experience, Intermediate
21 February 2023
Eager Python Django developer with more then year commercial experience with building and supporting Django web sites. Good knowledge of OOP , REST API concepts. Base knowledge of JavaScript and Next.js framework
Python developer 700$, Kyiv, 1 year experience, Intermediate
Posted more than 30 days ago
I am a Python Developer with over 1 year of experience in Development. I have experience in several projects. Im also skilled with popular dev tools and libraries like Django, Django Rest Framework, OOP, Git, Docker, SQL, PostgreSQL. I like working in a team and learning new stacks. I always perform my work quality and professionally. I am not afraid to take on difficult tasks, as I believe that thanks to them, I can progress as quickly as possible in my professional skills.
Python (Django) Developer 1000$, New York, More than 5 years experience, Upper Intermediate
Posted more than 30 days ago
More than 5 years of expertise in python/Django web developer
Python developer Ivano-Frankivsk, 1 year experience, Intermediate
Posted more than 30 days ago
Software Python Developer looking for new professional opportunities. Got experience in working both with Python Core & Frameworks (Django, DRF, FastAPI). Well familiar with OOP fundamentals, technical education, participation in Olympiads in Math/Informatics/Physics. Switching from business. I know how to work with clients and how to communicate with teams and customers.
Python Sotware Engineer 3500$, Tashkent, Dubai, More than 3 years experience, Upper Intermediate
Posted more than 30 days ago
I am a full-stack python developer with more than 4 years commercial experience
Python developer 500$, Kyiv, 1 year experience, Intermediate
Posted more than 30 days ago
Junior Python Developer with 1+ years of experience is seeking to apply and expand my knowledge and skills toward working in a collaborative environment to develop quality software solutions that address and solve business problems, and to grow up as a specialist. Sure, I will be a good employee for your team and will not waste your time.
Python developer 300$, Lviv, 1 year experience, Pre-Intermediate
Posted more than 30 days ago
I am looking for a vacancy as Junior or Trainee Python developer. My CV:
Python developer 5000$, Yerevan, More than 5 years experience, Upper Intermediate
Posted more than 30 days ago
Hi. I'm Python, and Django developer with more than 8 years of experience. Last 1.5 years I worked as a CTO at Scimagine. Also I have a little outsource team
Python developer Tel Aviv-Yafo, 1 year experience, Advanced/Fluent
Posted more than 30 days ago
he built and scaled the control plane of Nutanix, completing projects in enterprise RBAC, reporting, and API gateway infrastructure using metric-based design and microservices. She currently works in the Azure storage team and also built the merchant side platform for Amazon's buyback feature. She is also a data science enthusiast
Python Backend Developer 2000$, Kryvyy Rih, More than 5 years experience, Upper Intermediate
Posted more than 30 days ago
1. Developed Web Application “My Choice” for Social Department. (Python/Django, JavaScript/React, SQL/PostgreSQL) 2. Developed e-Commerce Web Sites and CMS 3. Developed SCADA systems for Iron Ore Enrichment Works. (PHP/Laravel, JavaScript/jQuery, SQL). 4. Developed software for data integration from local SCADA-systems to the global system SAP ERP. (C#, SQL).
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