How to Present Personal Qualities in a Resume

Do you know why some resumes are not popular with recruiters? According to the Roanestate report, 75% of mistakes in resumes are related to candidates’ lies, and 18% to generalizations and copy-pasted information. An employer needs to know what to write about in the personal qualities of the resume (summary) to present yourself well. We'll talk about it in this article.

When you write a questionnaire describing your skills, work experience, and education, it is important not to forget about the social part of employment. We described the work in the "About Me" section in our other article, but today we will consider how to format and present the personal characteristics in the resume properly.

What Features Should Be Included in Your Resume

So, what personal qualities should I put on my resume? Anything that fits the desired profession. It is a set of skills indirectly related to the professional duties of the chosen position. For example, design and IT vacancies are perfect for communication and initiative; for QA, excellent quality will be creativity.

Let's divide and dissect what are the personal qualities of the person on the resume and what is the difference between them. There are two categories of skills: hard and soft. The first is directly related to the professional activity; the second is supporting and defining the person as a person. Let's look at the features of each group.

Hard skills:

  • Skills related to machinery, development, and tools.
  • Measured in numerical value.
  • They are acquired in courses or educational institutions.
  • The left side of the brain is responsible for them.
  • TThey are tied to a specific activity.

Soft skills:

  • Skills related to sociability.
  • Have no definitions for the proficiency level.
  • Acquired with experience or at birth.
  • The right side of the brain is responsible for them.
  • Applied in any type of activity.

Actually, the second group is necessary when filling out the column of personal characteristics for the resume. It is universal for any profession, but still, we recommend specifying only relevant information for the vacancy.

Examples of How to Rephrase a Person’s Typical Personal Qualities for a Resume

Creating a professional summary should be approached in a moderately creative way. Avoid trivial characteristics and form them into something more informative. Reveal your key personality traits for your resume in a concise sentence that emphasizes your professionalism:

Stress-resistance - I work effectively in a multitasking environment;

Punctuality - I always stick to projects’ deadlines;

Creativity - I use a non-standard approach to solving complex problems;

Sociability - I easily find a common language with clients;

Friendliness - I am on friendly terms with my colleagues;

Educatability - I improve my qualification and permanently improve my skills;

Hard work - I have a high capacity for work;

Initiative - I have leadership skills, and I can make decisions independently;

Accuracy - I always keep order at my workplace;

Determination - I can clearly define a goal; I aim to achieve the maximum result in my work.

Such an approach is applied practically to any personal characteristics. The main thing is to catch their essence and be guided by the employer's presumptive requirements.

What Personal Qualities to Specify in the Resume for Candidates in IT?

In 9 out of 10 resumes for IT specialist jobs, candidates use the following phrases: responsible, independent, stress-resistant. Undoubtedly, these qualities are essential for a job search in IT. After all, in this field, the company's success depends not so much on the head but the skills and competence of team members.

Often, tasks have to be solved on the fly, and there is not always time for a long collective discussion. Therefore, the developer should be able to make decisions by themselves, which will bring maximum benefit to the project. On top of all this, an IT specialist must be creative, organized, and fluent in English.

But a successful resume for programmers does not necessarily have to contain only these characteristics. Why not include other qualities. For example:

strength of character;





These characteristics are scarce in candidate questionnaires, but their importance is not diminished. For example, skepticism helps objectively evaluate work results, and oratory helps establish contact with clients.

How to Describe Personal Qualities in the Resume: HR Tips

Creating a personalized questionnaire requires a careful approach. It should be a readable and concise document with the right structure. HR specialists give their recommendations: do not emphasize only work experience and pay attention to describing personal characteristics. Here are some tips from hiring managers on how to describe your qualities in your resume:

Keep it to a limit. Of course, you may have many good character traits, but you shouldn't list them all. A recruiter usually spends seconds looking at your profile. So list no more than 5 personal qualities to keep attention.

Write characteristics based on the direction of the job. For example, for a resume for a managerial position, a relevant quality would be charisma, not perfectionism.

Use humor moderately. A humorous approach to the description is welcome for more creative jobs but not for a managerial position.

Don't repeat yourself. Copying information from one section to another is bad tone. Noticing such a "trick," the recruiter will have the impression of you as a non-serious or irresponsible person.

Avoid simple listings of items. Writing personal qualities through a comma is easy but boring. Don’t wait for a response to such a questionnaire. So describe yourself in a more expanded format. Do not overdo it — 4-5 words about one quality will be enough.

Let's summarize. Tips from HR specialists will help to correct any description of positive characteristics. As a result, you will get a spacious and catchy block about key personal qualities.

What Personal Qualities Are Better Not to Mention

Imagine that you are the recruiter studying the resume's personal qualities. I doubt that you will invite for an interview the person who will write in the questionnaire, "A little lazy, confused, nervous in emergencies." Even so, you need a reliable employee with both professional and soft skills.

When you make a questionnaire for a recruiter, focus on your strengths and present them intelligently. For example: My hallmark is attention to detail. I never turn in a job without thoroughly studying it and checking all the data.

What personal qualities of an employee for the resume should be written in addition to the positive? None. In fact, this is already asked at the interview, but how to present — it's up to you. Convert your weaknesses to advantages. For example, if you sometimes like to sleep longer and turn in projects late, rephrase it positively. "I'm sometimes late for work, but I make sure to stay longer because I know how important it is to get the task done." Or, "I deliver projects later than all my colleagues, but unlike them, customers have no complaints about my articles."

And most importantly, don't lie. Not to your employer, not to yourself. Any lies and embellishments will show up in the process anyway. In the best case, you just ruin your relationship with the management; in the worst case, you will be fired without the right to return.

How to Describe Your Soft Skills

No matter how many soft skills you possess, the qualities of the person on the resume must be in harmony with the duties of the desired job.


Consider and analyze a sample of how to specify the best personal qualities for a resume. «25 years of experience in application development. Knowledge of X, Z, and Y programming languages at the Senior level. Participated directly in the product creation as a developer, project manager, and team lead QA. I can organize the team's work, create a project roadmap and make edits to it without turning from the main objectives.»

Essentially, the specialist trivialized their communication skills, adaptability, and flexibility of thinking. The professional skills and IT work experience of the candidate would clearly interest a recruiter.


When we think about what to put in the personal qualities of a resume, most often we think of phrases like "responsible, kind, positive, and resourceful." Sounds logical, and most importantly — truthful and convincing. But only to us candidates. The recruiter sees yet another one-size-fits-all text that 90% of applicants add to their questionnaire as if it were a copy.

Excessive talkativeness and colorful details also put off employers. "A professional in my industry with a wealth of knowledge. Experienced in personnel management and construction equipment. Can read and write blueprints and know how electronics work in the oil industry. I want to work for results and improve my salary." Do you think such a candidate would get a call? Unless there is zero competition for the position.

An example of describing personal qualities in a resume

So what qualities to write about yourself in your resume? Only those that are valued in the job you choose. An example of personal skills:

Developers — will suit: communication skills, initiative, and creativity

Designer — creativity, adaptability, and endurance are important.

QA specialists — usually possess: assiduity, attention to detail, and quick reaction to changes.


Your personal qualities in the resume are the last thing a recruiter sees, but this is the last chance to draw them in and get them interested. Structure your resume properly and avoid grammatical errors in the text. Use handy tools to compose a resume. JOBITT template builder will speed up creating and publishing your CV. Join JOBITT, be on the crest of IT trends.


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  • How to Describe Personal Qualities in the Resume: HR Tips
  • What Personal Qualities Are Better Not to Mention
  • How to Describe Your Soft Skills
  • An example of describing personal qualities in a resume
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