Resume in English for IT Professionals: Secrets and Mistakes

It is no secret that the IT sphere uses English as the main language both for communication between a client and a contractor and for internal communication between employees. This is due to the fact that many modern tools and techniques originate in the West, where English is dominant. The recruiting sphere is also not unaffected by this trend, and in the IT segment, this is one of the main requirements for successful employment. How to properly format and write a resume in English?

Zippia statistics say that job seekers have problems with competent completion of applications in English. For example, about 77% of candidates make grammatical and spelling mistakes in a text. Together with JOBITT experts, we prepared a material that will tell you the rules for writing a resume in English, show you how to write a resume in English, and look at a classic example of a resume of an IT specialist in English.

Programmer Resume in English

Usually, the candidates have a logical question “How to write a resume in English.” There are three options:

If you know the language well — write it yourself.

If you don't know it well enough, use an automatic translator or the services of a specialist.

If you don’t know English at all — take a course.

Since the knowledge of English is a must for employment in international IT companies, we recommend the third option. Believe us, it will be useful to you in the future as a background for improving your communication skills.

How to Write a Resume: Structure and Features

How to write a resume in English, are there any special requirements for such applications? The structural part is identical to profiles on job search sites and has no pronounced differences. It consists of five classic sections, adding special ones if needed.

A standard example of a resume in English has these blocks:

  • Contact information
  • About me
  • Experience
  • Education
  • Skills

What you need to write in each of the blocks, we discussed in detail in a previous article, but in brief:

In the first section, include full name, phone numbers, e-mail, and messengers.

In the second, briefly describe yourself, pointing out the benefits the company will gain from your participation in the job.

In the third, write your past positions in reverse chronological order, adding accomplishments with verbs.

In the fourth, also describe relevant degrees, courses, and trainings from current to first.

In the fifth, list the skills and abilities relevant to the position and their level. Don't forget to include social skills as well.

Example of IT-Specialist Resume

You have already seen examples of resumes in English, but we prepared our sample resume in English, which was filled out by one of the candidates on the JOBITT resource.

Ivan Jobseeker

I program in JavaScript, write web apps and indie games. I take root in projects of any complexity, regardless of the current stage. I study new methods and development languages.

Junior Developer at Alphabetic, 2018-2022.

  • Junior Developer at Damascus, 2015-2018.

Master of the Department of High Technologies at the Kyiv Polytechnic University, 2015.

Develop in:

  • JavaScript — Senior;
  • Python — Senior
  • C# — Junior
  • Angular — Senior
  • Vue - Senior

Mistakes When Writing a Resume

The goal of an English resume is to present yourself favorably to an employer by avoiding common mistakes. The most common ones are:

Spelling and grammar mistakes.

Lack of “strong” words and phrases.

Generalization of information.

Lying and veiled lies.

“Standardization” of the application.

How to fill out a resume in English and avoid these mistakes? First of all, try to understand how to describe yourself in your English resume beneficially from the employer's point of view. When you write personal qualities in the English resume, focus HR's attention on your strengths, but don't embellish the truth too much, don't brag or try to present non-existent achievements as your own.

Life hacks and services for writing resumes in English

As soon as you're about to fill out a resume for a job in English — you'll need help or at least expert advice, which JOBITT service representatives kindly share.

1. Use a template for your resume in English. It will help you to structure the text correctly and suggest the optimal amount of information in the application form.

2. For jobs in IT, try to write your resume in English and only in it. For most companies operating internationally, it is the primary corporate language.

3. IT resume in English is no different from a similar one in Ukrainian or Russian. Try to stick to the basic rules of filling in.


If you need to make your application in English, the best way is JOBITT service, where you can make a resume online. The resource uses one of the top templates developed with the experience of global IT companies in mind. It also gives you access to an anonymous job search site with hundreds of employers in Israel, Ukraine, the UK, and other leading high-tech countries. Be in the trend with JOBITT — work with the world's best IT companies!


The content of the article:

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  • How to Write a Resume: Structure and Features
  • Example of IT-Specialist Resume
  • Mistakes When Writing a Resume
  • Life hacks and services for writing resumes in English
  • Conclusion

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