Ideal Tester Resume (QA): What To Write In Resume

IT product quality assurance specialist is not only a responsible and interesting job, but it also pays very well. Depending on the experience and seniority of a QA expert, the salary can range from $50,000-$70000 per year, according to PayScale. Such sums have influenced the desire of people to master this profession actively and be employed in development teams. And if there are no problems with learning the basics of testing, as a rule, there are difficulties with an application for recruiters, especially when filling out an application or QA resume.

How to write a resume of a tester and what information to include in it – explore together with JOBITT experts.

CV Structure: What Blocks Should Be In CV and What to Write In Them

Proper tester resume consists of at least five blocks: “Personal Information,” “About Me,” “Experience,” “Education,” and “Skills.” Each section should inform a recruiter about the professionalism of a candidate and their desire to work in this company and this position. Apart from the structure, an application should have a well-written text with verbs referred to as “strong words”. What is each block individually? A short overview to understand how to write a resume tester.

1. Personal Information

In the first section, the candidate provides their full name, age, place of residence, and contact information and adds a photo. The block is meant to provide the most accurate info, which is necessary to contact a person through calls, messages, emails, video calls, etc. Tester resume template always includes this section because, without the appropriate information, the application is simply wasted and will not be reviewed by an HR specialist, not to mention the employer.

2. About me

When the applicant is looking for a job, at this stage, they already think about how to make a tester resume. Often it is the “About Me” block that raises more questions than any other section of the application. Unfortunately, you can't just write: “A cheerful, active young person who wants to fulfill own potential in this position and provide for themselves a comfortable retirement.”

Here you need to specify your strengths and emphasize the benefits of your services to the chosen company. For example: “I will quickly get into a project at any stage of development, apply X, Y skills, and minimize errors during the sprint.” Understanding the responsibilities of a tester in a resume increases the chance of calling the candidate for an interview with a supervisor.

3. Experience

In one of our past materials, we already demonstrated a sample resume for a tester position. In that example, the applicant’s experience played a key role because the candidate didn't take any special courses but studied QA topics independently while working on enthusiasts' projects.

A key feature of the block – it is filled in reverse chronological order, i.e., from the last place of work to the first. It is essential to specify only relevant experience that corresponds to the duties of the current job. A cover letter from a past supervisor would also be a good background. A good reference would increase the resume's value and wouldn't be irrelevant at a job interview.

4. Education

This block is not very valuable because now more attention is paid to practical skills than theory. If you consider the resume of a tester sample, we see that most candidates have degrees in completely different areas, which have nothing to do with IT topics.

This section is only important for yesterday's graduates with no work experience in the IT field. They need to fill it in reverse order and include additional courses and certificates, if any. It is also worth emphasizing HR on the achievements and awards received during the study, as did one of our applicants in the resume tester example. You can also attach a cover letter from your supervisor.

5. Skills

Good tester resume should have an important component – the skills section. Last in the list, but almost the first in importance, the candidate fills this block with all the responsibility. Their honesty and skills depend on the real chance of employment.

Specify only relevant information for the job you want, as well as your skills and knowledge of methodologies. Remember, your honesty will be tested in the first days of employment or at the interview, and if you manage to pleasantly surprise the employer, you can count on bonuses.

What Does HR Pay Attention To?

The modern methodology for checking a tester's resume includes a stage of filtering applications through ATSs. These systems scan the document for grammatical and lexical mistakes and identify strong words or even phrases. If the resume passes pre-screening, it gets to the HR desk, who compares the actual information with the required one and decides to transfer it to a potential service customer.

Example/Sample of a Good Tester Resume

If you need an example, look at the layout of one of our applicants and their resume for a tester:

Roman IT

  • 02.02.1982
  • Sumy
  • +380ххххххххх

Work with X method, want to join development team and clear projects from bugs.

Worked on projects of enthusiasts X, Y, Z from 2015-2021.

Graduated from Kyiv Polytechnic Institute in 2008, master's degree.

Work at Ranorex, Selenium, Appium.

How to Create a CV for QA?

If you want to apply for a QA position correctly, try to create your CV in online builder. With the JOBITT service, you get a premium template designed according to the layouts of top IT companies. The right structure and expert help with filling it out will put your profile in the top ranks of recruiting agencies.


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