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JavaScript salaries

According to the Stack Overflow 2022 survey, 69% of respondents use JavaScript in their projects. Moreover, 94.6% of active websites are created using this language, so JS specialists lead not only in job rankings but also in pay. But how much is their income in numbers?


JOBITT conducted its own research and found out how much a JavaScript programmer earns in 2022. The article contains the latest statistics on the salaries of Ukrainian developers and the latest data on the earnings of JavaScript professionals abroad. 

What’s the salary of JavaScript programmers in Ukraine, and what are the reasons for this figure? 

One salary survey of IT specialists gathered a record number of respondents (15,136 questionnaires), of which 7,558 were from developers themselves. According to the study, in the first half of 2022, the income of IT specialists has increased, and the average salary of a JavaScript programmer in Ukraine may now reach $3,400-$4,000 per month.

Specialists from Intern to Middle in Ukraine are paid from $500 to $2,000 per month, and those of Senior level and above are paid $4,000-$7,000. Thus, the IT sphere continues to develop despite the war with Russia. Experts predict that the pay of JavaScript developers will increase by 11% every 20 months.  

Consulting company, Robert Half International, predicts that the number of orders for Frontend-development will increase by 27% by the end of the year. In this regard, the salaries of such developers will grow.

Our resource has collected information on how JavaScript programmer salaries changed from 2011 to 2022 at Junior/Middle/Senior:


Changes in salaries of programmers


Graph salaries changes


How much JavaScript developers earn compared to other programming languages

Wages by programming language have not changed significantly over the past six months. JavaScript is still the most popular: 22% of developers name it as the main language, while 15% use C#/.NET, Java - 13%, TypeScript - 9%, RNR - 6%.


Let's compare how much JavaScript programmers who use different languages earn, starting with the highest ones. 


Only 0.8% of programmers use this language. At the same time, 74% are Senior specialists with an average income of $6,050, and 26% are Middle with a salary of $3,000. 


This programming language is used by 1.8% of IT engineers, of which 60% are Senior, and 40% are Junior and Middle. Junior/Middle/Senior salaries are $950, $3,000, and $6,000 respectively. 


There are 4.5% of specialists working in this language. Their income at the Junior/Middle/Senior levels is $900, $2,800, and $5,000, respectively. The salaries of Kotlin developers have increased despite the military situation in the country. For example, Middles and Seniors got a $300 raise, and Juniors got a $100 raise.


2.5% of developers write in this language. The median salaries for Junior/Middle/Senior are $1,100, $3,000, and $5,000. In 2021, there was a dramatic increase in income for Middles and Seniors and anchored at that level. The survey of Juniors also showed a significant increase of $300.


Developers worldwide write in Python, but only 7% of IT engineers know it in Ukraine. Local companies are ready to pay $945, $2,800, and $4,900 for their knowledge. Significant changes have occurred in the salaries of Middle specialists. It increased by $200, while the income in the Junior and Senior categories did not change.


About 16% of respondents are proficient in this language. The salary of experienced Java specialists is around $5,000, while the salary of Middle Java Developers is $2,825, and Junior is $1,000. Java Junior earnings have not changed recently, but Middle and Senior Java Developer earnings continue to increase despite the war. 


This technology is used by 24% of developers. The salaries of JavaScript specialists in the Junior/Middle/Senior groups are $900, $2,000, and $4,500, respectively – these amounts are slightly lower than in the market. Over the past year, salaries for programmers proficient in this language have not changed.

Dart and Salesforce Apex

The income figures for developers who write in Dart are same – $900 (Junior), $2,450 (Middle), $4,600 (Senior) and Salesforce Apex – $1,050 (Junior), $2,600 (Middle). These figures can be explained by the fact that Junior and Middle programmers mostly use these languages. 

1С и SQL

The lowest level of salaries for programmers of 1C and SQL. Among respondents, the popularity of these languages is only 0.6%. Thus, the salaries of Middle/Senior 1C developers are $1,200 and $2,500, respectively. There is no Junior level in this segment. The SQL language is mainly Middle and above, and their salary is $2,100.


The Ukrainian exchange Freelancehunt provides its data. So, the highest income for specialists in C# ($2,663) and RNR ($2,130), then comes the JS programmer salary – from $504 to $1,704, but the experts in 1C get the lowest pay – it ranges from $178 to $710.


How much JavaScript developers earn compared to other programming languages

Average JavaScript programmer salary in Ukraine by company type 

In first place in terms of salaries are startups. JS developers at the Middle level and above are paid more in these companies than in other ones ($775-$5,500). The second place is taken by outstaffing (lower by $100 on average). At the end of the list, we have outsourcing companies – their rates remained the same, from $950 for Junior to $4,300 for Senior.

Average JavaScript programmer salary in Ukraine by company type

JavaScript programmer salary by position 

The typical Ukrainian JSdeveloper earns, on average, $2,500 per month. The only exception is for a Junior JavaScript developer, whose salary does not exceed $1,000. The difference in pay depends on the level of specialization of programmers, so let's look at each of them separately:

  • Intern – a newbie or someone with knowledge but no programming experience and an average rate of $400.
  • Junior – the largest group of IT specialists. Perform tasks under the supervision of Seniors and work in the field for up to 1.5 years. The competition in the labor market and little experience are one of the reasons for the low salaries for Juniors, and they are paid from $300 to $1,200.
  • Middle is an established programmer with at least two years of experience who can be trusted with an important project. The salary of a Middle JavaScript developer is twice that of a beginner and can reach $3,000.
  • Senior – more than 4 years of experience in the profession. They coordinate and develop projects and supervise the work of young employees. The salary of a senior JavaScript developer is estimated from $3,000 to $7,000. 
  • Team/technical lead – the head of the development team with a monthly salary of $5,000. 

The pay for all categories of JS developers is constantly increasing. Thus, from 2021 to June 2022, it has increased:

  • System Architects – by $550 (to $6,200);
  • Team/TechLeads – by $500 (to $5,000);
  • Senior – $500 (to $4,500);
  • Middle – $300 (to $2,500);
  • Junior – by $100 (up to $1,000).

Average JavaScript programmer salary by city 

A survey of Ukrainian developers showed that the centers of software creation are Kyiv, Uzhgorod, Lviv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, and Odesa. Popular media sources confirm that JS programmers from Uzhgorod earn the most in 2022. Their median salary is $3,600. Next on the list are Lviv and Dnipro, where JS engineers are getting $3,200 each. Next in the ranking are Kyiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, and Poltava, with a salary of $3,000. In general, the JavaScript developer pay in different cities has become less by $200-$400 compared to last year. 

This income distribution is primarily due to the situation at the front and the migration of specialists within the country. As a result of hostilities, 38% of developers changed their place of residence. Of them, 28% stayed in another city or region, and 10% left Ukraine. The number of JS programmers in Kyiv and the region has decreased from 42% to 25%, while in Lviv and its region, it is vice versa: their share is 20% against 14% compared to the last year. In Kharkiv, only 2% of 13% of specialists remained.


Average JavaScript programmer salary by city

How much does a JavaScript programmer earn in the US and Europe 

JavaScript engineers are in demand all over the world. There will always be work for them, regardless of their country of residence. The main technology hubs are the USA, the UK, France, Switzerland, and Germany. The JS developer salaries in different countries are given below.


Salaries a JavaScript programmer earn in the US and Europe


The USA is the leader in developing digital technologies and web development. Thus, the job search sites show that the average salary of JS programmers on the other side of the planet is $104,000 per year (compared to $12,000-48,000 in Ukraine). Jobs and good income for completed projects are offered in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York. JavaScript engineers' pay also depends on the company's size. Giants such as Google, Apple, Facebook, Yahoo, and Cisco are willing to pay them 60,000 and more annually. But the main requirement for developers is knowledge of basic programs and languages other than JavaScript, for example, Java, PHP, and C++.

In Europe, the UK is the leader in terms of remuneration in the development of the IT industry. The increased demand for JS engineer jobs has also positively impacted their income. A JavaScript developer has a salary of under $82,000 annually, which is 60% higher than the national average salary. 


Another technological center in Europe is France. French companies regularly look for technical specialists and experienced programmers for their projects. The annual salary for JS developers is $52,000 a year. 


The best offers in the direction of JavaScript web development outsourcing are provided by Poland. Offshore IT outsourcing prevails in the country. Searching for a software development team abroad lowers the rates of web engineers' remuneration. Polish companies are ready to pay specialists from $26,000 to $45,000 annually.


Ukraine provides good outsourcing prospects for JS developers. The quality of digital technology development is not inferior to other countries. But the crisis in the labor market, departure of qualified specialists abroad, and martial law have negatively affected the dynamics of Ukrainian developers' salaries for the last two years. 



The salary of a JavaScript engineer depends on many factors: specialization, work experience, English proficiency, position, and location. 

Ukraine has all the conditions for developing the IT industry, so this sector continues to prove resilient and reliable in the face of a prolonged pandemic and war with Russia. Even though the digital sector has moved to a remote working model, the average income of JavaScript developers reaches about $3,500 per month or $42,000 per year.

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