Interviews: tips on how to have a successful interview

The Zippia study says that only ⅙ of an application sent by a job seeker guarantees an invitation to a job interview. But even this does not guarantee employment because a candidate will have to pass a kind of test, answering questions from management, and literally “sell” themselves and their services to a company.

How to prepare for the interview, and how to act during the interview? We asked JOBITT experts about this, and they shared their tips on how to pass a job interview. With these tips, you can present yourself correctly to your management and then get the job you want.

Preparing for the Interview

Many people know that hiring and interviewing are important components of employment. And if the first is the result, the second is the last test on the way to the desired position. So how do you properly prepare for it?

Study the requirements for the candidate. More often than not, managers and HR write directly about the expectations for job seekers.

Read the basic information about the company. This way, you will demonstrate your desire to work here.

Look for typical questions about your profession that a manager might ask you. Rehearse your answers in advance.

Prepare an “advertisement” of yourself. You must convey to the interviewer that you are the best candidate.

Generate your own list of questions for the interviewer. The dialogue should take place in a two-way format.

Prepare in advance for uncomfortable or inappropriate questions. The reaction to them should be adequate.

Remember that your resume is an interview template, and most of the information in it can be used for the dialogue with the employer.

What not to do when preparing for a job interview

Candidates make fairly typical mistakes when preparing for an interview with an employer. Despite their banality, they are repeated with enviable frequency, causing negative emotions in the interviewers, up to disgust.

Alcohol, drugs, etc., on the eve of a meeting, are taboo. A puffy and wrinkled face will not increase the chances of employment.

Unkemptness. Prepare your clothes in advance, focusing on the company's dress code. Even if it does not exist, then for the first meeting, it is better to avoid a frivolous style.

Spontaneity. Rehearse your speech and answers to the most likely questions. If you hope to pass the interview without preparation — chances for employment tend to zero.

Anyone wondering “how to pass the interview” should not ignore these, albeit trivial, recommendations. Remember, any mistake in preparation can be fatal and negate your chances of successful employment.

How to Act at a Job Interview

The type of behavior at an interview is determined by the internal code of the organization for which you wish to be employed. Nevertheless, some general guidelines will make the interview process easier for you and your boss. How to answer questions at a job interview? JOBITT experts have shared the most effective ones:

Relax. That's right; internal tension creates a negative atmosphere from the first minutes of communication. That's why reducing stress and excitement is recommended before the dialogue.

Create a relaxed atmosphere. Experts recommend using the “old friend” technique. Imagine that the person in front of you is a friend you haven't seen in years.

Answer all questions, regardless of their content. Sometimes HR tries to destabilize the “inner self” to determine stress tolerance and adaptability.

Don't get personal, and don't let yourself get carried away. Whatever the atmosphere — the person in front of you is the person your career depends on. Leave the friendly tone for later, behave appropriately.

Highlight your strengths and weaknesses in the interview, focusing on the first category. Also, try to level out weaknesses by emphasizing alternatives and adaptability.

What to tell about yourself at the interview is up to you. Life stories will be out of place here, but professional achievements and strong qualities will help to impress.

Tell only the truth. Lying and avoiding the answer is not the best tactic for building a relationship with management. Also, lying is easy to identify, and overstating skills are easy to test.

Use your knowledge of the company in dialogue. This will indicate your interest in being hired by this particular organization, which will increase your chances of getting the job.

If you stick to these recommendations, you will have a successful interview and hear the words “Welcome to the company.”

How not to behave at the interview

How to successfully pass a job interview and get the desired position? Don't make typical mistakes that can ruin your dialogue with an employer and even close the door to the company forever. JOBITT experts shared the top 3 examples that are best avoided at a job interview.

Exaggeration of merit. No matter how skilled you are in your field, don't try to brag at a job interview. It's better to show humbleness and then get praise than to fail to meet expectations.

Free style of dialogue. Even if a former classmate or friend is in front of you, they are the manager who employs you. Comply to the subordination and do not allow yourself to speak out, switch to “you,” etc.

Follow the dress code. It is bad form to come to a job interview dressed loosely or with bad breath. Your neatness is a symbol of responsibility and desire to get a job in a decent team.

Coming to the interview, you should demonstrate with all your appearance the desire to get the position. Don't try to lie, be silent, or behave defiantly — managers don't like that. You can show your character while you are working, but the bosses do not need this demonstration.


Preparing for the interview begins, first of all, with writing an application, listing characteristics and skills. This is the minimum background that will help you to answer HR or even the department head's questions correctly. That's why you need to take the profile and all the sections seriously.

In order to prepare your resume perfectly , we recommend using the JOBITT service. There you'll find a top template used by global IT companies, as well as a recruiting platform where you can publish a ready-made application form and try to get a job in one of dozens of international technology organizations. Use our advantages for free — be on trend with JOBITT.


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