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Викладач англійської мови для дітей у Minecraft in Stfalcon

14 September


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Oleksandra Ryzhova
Oleksandra Ryzhova
Recruiting Specialist
1 year
Upper Intermediate
Part-time work

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Join our team, and together we will show children that learning English can be interesting and extremely exciting!

Hey, get ready for an incredible adventure in the world of Minecraft! 🚀

Vacancy: Charming English Teacher for fun in the world of Minecraft (online, ugh!)

Company: It Academy from Stfalcon

Yes, yes, we are looking for you! A great chance to join our team and make learning English an interesting and exciting journey for children in the incredible world of Minecraft! 🎮

So what do we want from our master teacher? Here are some things that will make you our ideal candidate:

🌟 Yes, yes, we even accept students on board! We are ready to consider anyone who is full of energy and enthusiasm!

🌟 You have teaching experience and English skills at the upper intermediate level and above. Hey, we need a decent player in our business!

🌟 The ability to find a common language with our little pets is what we need! We are looking for a person who understands children perfectly and is always ready to help.

🌟 If you have already played Minecraft or even had experience teaching in the world of this game, then this is already a real bonus! But if you are not yet confident in the power of your block-building talents, don't worry, we'll support you!

🌟 Mentoring experience is a big plus! We believe in your ability to inspire and support younger players.

🌟 Oh, and the experience of public speaking will also come in handy here! Let's illuminate the path to knowledge and entertainment together!

And now about your awesome duties! You will:

🚀 Conduct exciting activities for children that will last only 50 minutes! Yes, we know that kids like to change adventures quickly, so we won't be long!

🚀 Answer the questions of young students and become a real mentor and mentor for them! You certainly won't have to search for secret spell books, but helping with your studies is holy!

So, ready for your very own Minecraft adventure with our It Academy? Let's go together on this unforgettable learning course where we learn English through the magic of Minecraft!

Join our team, and together we will show children that learning English can be interesting and extremely exciting! 💫🌈

About us:

The IT Academy was founded on the basis of the Stfalcon company. They decided to train young and promising students in order to employ the best students in their company. At the moment, 8 graduates work at stfalcon.com.

The IT Academy was founded in May 2016. Over the past 7 years, we have graduated 1,300 students in various IT areas

What IT courses do we offer in Khmelnytskyi and online:

  • Programming: Frontend, JS, Python, Angular, Node.js, PHP
  • Project/HR/Sales Management
  • Contextual advertising Ads
  • SMM and targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram
  • UX/UI design
  • Graphic design
  • Interior design
  • Software testing
  • Minecraft programming, Scratch, Python, Roblox, game development on Unity and English in Minecraft for children (individuals online)

Recruitment process
рекрутинг кол до 20 хвилин пo google meet з відео
Пробний урок на довільну тему до 30 хв
Specializations: Recruiters and HR
Keywords: english, teacher, Remote Work, mentor, minecraft

Translated by Google

1 year
Upper Intermediate
Part-time work
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