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Solutions Architect .Net in DICEUS

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More than 5 years
Upper Intermediate
Remote work
DICEUS is looking for a Solution Architect to gather requirements and build architecture for a set of telecom products. Initial involvement: 1 month full-time with the possibility of prolongation.

About the project

Our Client has a set of advanced software solutions and high-quality products for customers in various vertical industries including telecom service providers, financial service providers, contact centers, government, education, and healthcare. DICEUS is going to make massive Product and Architecture changes to let these products achieve top positions for user effectiveness and productivity.


  • Collaborating with various stakeholders to determine software requirements (functional, non-functional).
  • Analyzing current product architecture and data flow
  • Determining requirements for system integrations, sustainability, and feasibility
  • To analyze scalability requirements and potential limitations
  • To create a new cloud architecture approach for the products
  • To suggest a cloud provider based on the requirements
  • To suggest a technology stack to the solution development
  • To prepare a high-level development roadmap for the solution implementation
  • Provide technical guidance and coaching to developers (responsibility for the end result is expected)
  • Approve final product before launch


  • 5-7 years of experience designing and implementing software applications
  • Experience working on large-scale software projects (b2b)
  • Experience in solution redesign (on-premises to cloud)
  • Experience in developing software utilizing various coding languages (including .Net)
  • Outstanding collaboration and communication skills are essential
  • Professional experience analyzing code for weaknesses and errors, and overseeing plans to improve them
  • Experience designing secure software systems based upon industry-specific specifications

Specializations: Architect / CTO
Keywords: architect, Solution Architect
More than 5 years
Upper Intermediate
Remote work
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