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Senior java developer in FOP Lavriv O.I.

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4000 - 6000$
More than 5 years
Upper Intermediate
Senior Java Software Engineer to the Netherlands


Currently most of the software development projects in our portfolio are Scrum/Agile projects where a small team is responsible for the development and operations of several repositories. This is usually in a hybrid setting of 1-2 days in the office and the rest from home.

These projects are at Top 500 companies like, Shell, ING, Engie and many others. On average our employees stay for 1-2 years on a project. After this period they either go to another project to experience a new environment or they like it so much that they are hired by these companies.


We are looking for developers whom are passionate and are keen to learn about new developments. We mainly select on Mindset and Talent. Of course we have a set of minimum requirements:

1. 5 years Experience with Java.

2. Experience with Kotlin is a nice to have.

3. Experience with Agile working methods.

4. Experience with CI/CD.

5. Experience with cloud (containers, Kubernetes, etc.)

6. Willing to learn Dutch.

7. Willing to invest in him/herself.

8. Can relocate to the Netherlands in 2-3 months. (In respect to Martial law)

9. Proficient in English.


1. Salary

We are offering a yearly salary between €50.000-70.000* based on what you bring to the table. With end of year bonusses, holiday payments, yearly significant increases in salary and profit sharing.

*Do mind that insurances, pension, housing costs(rent, energy, internet) and transportation are already covered.

2. Coaching & Courses

Quite quickly you will have an intake with our career coach whit whom you will discuss your desired carreer path. This way we can help you to develop the way you want.

You will start with a course about work floor culture in the Netherlands and Dutch language courses. Learning the culture and the language ensures that employees have more success building up a living in the Netherlands. It also helps with being more successful in projects.

3. Red carpet relocation & housing

We will arrange all the required steps for you to have a easy start in the Netherlands. We will arrange Housing, furniture, energy, internet and transportation. In addition to this we will help you with finding daycare or the best school for your children. And we will help to guide you with all standard administrative items when moving to the Netherlands. Of course you need to do some stuff yourself, but we will point you in the right direction and answer the questions you have along the way.

If you are interested, please contact us and we will respond as quickly as possible.

My Telegram @OlhaLav

Specializations: Kotlin
Keywords: engineer, senior
4000 - 6000$
More than 5 years
Upper Intermediate
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