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Senior C++ developer in Processica

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Iryna Yunosheva
Iryna Yunosheva
Talent Sourcer
3500 - 6000$
More than 5 years
Remote work

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We are an international IT and software development company headquartered in the US. We are currently looking for a specialist for our client. The project is a data science project for a telecommunications company, Development of conversational AI platform.

Profile : developer - Astersik / FreeSwitch Source Code C++

Experience :

  • 4+ years of C/C++ development experience under Linux.
  • Experience with open source.
  • Experience with BitBucket/Github.
  • Understanding of telecom billing process and CDR processing.
  • Knowledge and experience with IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) such as Visual Studio and Eclipse.
  • Deep knowledge of methodologies, modern SCM and testing tools.
  • Ability to define security and quality standards and a deep understanding of database administration.

It will be a plus:

  • Hands-on experience with Asterisk or FreeSwith.
  • Knowledge of telecommunications and VoIP technologies.


We offer :

  • Flexible work schedule: 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week.
  • Bookkeeping and filing of tax returns for all private entrepreneurs.
  • Direct payments in USD to SWIFT (any jurisdiction), Payoner, Wise, Revolute, PayPal.
  • Paid external training, conferences, and professional certification that aligns with the company's business goals.
  • Paid vacation and sick leave.
Specializations: C / C++ / Embedded
Keywords: linux, C++, asterisk, c++-linux, FreeSwith

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3500 - 6000$
More than 5 years
Remote work
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