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Sales Representative Manager, Lead Generation in RonDesign

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1000 - 1500$
2 years
Full-time work
Part-time work
Remote work

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Our team is looking for a motivated Sales Representative Manager to join our team at a critical juncture where there is an opportunity to make an impact and help us shape the future of the sales team. We are looking for a candidate who is full of ideas on how to improve the approach and increase conversion.


- Skills of short and concise presentation.

- Ability to negotiate.

- Possession of tools.

- Experience of closing 20 successful cases.

- Understanding and experience in modern B2B sales processes and technologies.

- Strong understanding of sales prospecting and lead generation methods.

- Team management skills of 4 or more people.

It will be a plus:

- Experience in IT as a customer acquisition specialist or SDR.

- Understanding the specifics of working with the European and USA markets.

We offer:

- Choice of work format (office, hybrid, remote).

- Full-time or part-time based on the interview.

- The bonus is tied to your performance.

- Decent and timely payment of labor and 100% coverage of taxes.

- Use of modern solutions and web technologies.

- A working environment with a minimal level of hierarchy.

- Full-time accountant, accounting of the FOP.

- Paid holidays and sick leave.

- 24 paid days off per year.


- Management of a team of sales representatives and control of their work.

- Development and implementation of sales strategies, setting goals and planning the sales budget.

- Training and motivation of employees, as well as evaluation of their productivity.

- Analysis of the market and competitors, identification of new opportunities for sales and determination of customer needs.

- Establishing and maintaining relations with clients and partners of the company.

- B2B sales; External sales.

- CRM control.

- Generation of leads.

- Reporting on sales and financial indicators.

- Achieving or exceeding sales targets.

- Ability to work efficiently at a fast pace.

Specializations: Sales, Lead Generation

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1000 - 1500$
2 years
Full-time work
Part-time work
Remote work
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