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Sales Managеr in Taya Zhemerova

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Taya Zhemerova
Taya Zhemerova
800 - 1500$
1 year
Upper Intermediate
Full-time work
Remote work
Vreal Soft is a Ukrainian IT company specializing in creating reliable and intuitive web and mobile applications. We have been successfully working for more than 7 years in the US and Israeli markets. We are focused on providing an exceptional user experience with our applications. Our experience and smart analysis give our clients a complete understanding of their whole idea and a good opportunity to look at their project from a different perspective.

Our clients are such companies as Volkswagen, Suzuki, GearEye, BidOn Games Studio, Viziris, Ukrlandfarming, etc.

We believe that a powerful fusion of skills and personality brings great ideas to life.

We are currently looking for a Junior Sales Specialist to join our team!

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for an "independent fighting unit" who is ready to join our Team and start working together on our projects immediately or after training.


Your tasks will focus on the skills and expectations listed below and the use of new approaches and technologies.

Why did the job open?

We want to invite a new specialist to the staff of the company due to the increase in the number of projects.

What will be your responsibilities?

-Close work with LinkedIn (connection and distribution of potential customers);

-Build and manage the customer’s database

-Search for new leads and work with them to convert them into clients

-Ability to create a budget plan and project search strategy

-Collect client requirements and create the basic PRD concept of the project

-Create Commercial Estimates

-Create Offers and Proposals

-Create/Adjust the Company Agreement, Invoice and Specifications

-Manage the onboarding process and work with the Project Management department. Sales should monitor the development process:

#Work with risks

#Resolve issues and find solutions

#Control budgets and work with changes

#Represent the company to satisfy the client's needs

-Working closely with the clients to scale and improve the partnership

Required Skills:

-English B2 or hire;

-Basic led-generation process know-how;

-Understanding and ability to work with documentation (Sprint plan, Estimate, Offer);

-Ability to communicate with the client in writing and conversationally, respecting corporate ethics;

-Basic technical background;

-Willingness to work in sales;




Would be a plus:

-Experience in IT;

-Understanding of the seventh basics of IT technology;

-Experience in communicating with foreign business people.

Specializations: Sales
Keywords: Office/Remote of your choice
800 - 1500$
1 year
Upper Intermediate
Full-time work
Remote work
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