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Sales Manager in CGS-TEAM

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Software Development
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More than 3 years
Remote work
Hey! We’re looking for an IT Sales manager. CGS-team is working on various projects in the Blockchain area (our most powerful field), HealthCare, EDU, etc. Contact us if you’re interested in outsourcing or outstaff projects from English-speaking markets.

About us:

Our most prominent clients are Trello, IBM, Cisco, GrowthDay, Cosuno, LiveArtMarket inc, and HomeLike.

What about domains? HealthCare, EDU, Booking, ECommerce и Blockchain (NFT/smart contracts/DeFi).

Client’s locations:

USA, Canada, Europe, Singapore.

From you:

— 4+ years of working as an IT Sales manager (must-have);

— Experience with outsource//outstaff teams (must-have);

— Practical expertise with outbound sales prospecting techniques;

— Perfect communication and English (both verbal and written);

— Experience with full-cycle sales processes (from intro-call to deal);

— Desire to influence processes and knowledge of sales strategy creation and implementation.

Your responsibilities:

— Controlling the full flow of all incoming requests from clients, led by marketing campaigns or lead generation;

— Communication with potential customers/partners through the entire sales cycle and after making a deal;

— Maintenance and management of the HubSpot database with Sales assistance;

— Building effective sales process with our Sales Lead

From us:

— High salary drawing on your expectations;

— Sweet % bonus from every deal;

— Paid vacation, public holidays;

— Schedule based on work-life balance. We focus exclusively on the result, not on time, and consider time trackers the most terrible phenomenon on the planet:)

— Transparent procedures, the C-level’s openness to implementing new ideas about process improvement

Specializations: Sales
Keywords: Manager, Sales
More than 3 years
Remote work
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