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Sales Manager in CyberBionic Systematics

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300 - 600$
1 year
Without English
Remote work

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In connection with the intensive expansion of the company, the position of sales manager is open in the global online resource ITVDN.

Duties of the manager:

- Working with the existing customer base;

- Work with incoming lead traffic;

- Expansion of the client base;

- Increase in the volume of sales;

- Work with CRM;

- Reporting and documentation;

- Preparation of commercial offers and presentations;

- Identification of the need, processing of objections and successful implementation of the sale.

- Focus on the result;

- Conducting promotional mailings through messages.

We are looking for someone who:

- wants to develop in the field of sales

- has experience in sales.

- quickly orientates in a conversation with potential clients, and also easily gets out of difficult situations;

- knows how to build business communication;

- able to be persuasive;

- is able to quickly learn new knowledge;

- is able to ask the right questions and respond in time to the received answers;

We offer:

- Decent level of SP (rate + % of sales); during the 1st trial month 10,000 + %, in the future 12,000 + %

- Stable work schedule: from Mon to Fri from 10:00 to 19:00;

- Ability to develop;

- Remote work.

We at ITVDN are intensively engaged in the training of our employees, both at the beginning of work and on an ongoing basis.

Do more, get more! There are no restrictions. Therefore, our offer is well suited to candidates who want to influence their earnings through personal efforts. But even if you do not have much experience, but you feel that you can succeed, we are waiting for your feedback to the email address or telegram

Specializations: Sales
Keywords: Sales

Translated by Google

300 - 600$
1 year
Without English
Remote work
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