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Researcher / Recruiter in Mine Marketing

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Welcome to the exciting world of Mine Marketing! We're a dynamic digital marketing company with a passion for creating amazing campaigns that connect with audiences. Our team is growing, and we're currently on the lookout for a talented Recruiter to join us on this journey.


- 1+ year of experience in recruiting (preferably Marketing and Tech related);

- Both written and oral knowledge of English (Advanced or fluent);

- Excellent and strong interpersonal communications skills;

- Experience in communication with foreigners;

- Good knowledge of social media, job search sites as LinkedIn, Indeed, DOU, Djinni, GitHub, etc;

- Attention to detail and ability to collaborate effectively in a team;

- Proactivity and result orientation;

- Critical and creative thinking skills;

- A solid work ethic with the self-motivation needed to exceed expectations;

- Willingness to step out of the assigned role to support team members.


- Managing the recruitment process, including coordination, search, selection, interview, feedback and proposals for all candidates;

- Analysis of search requirements, creating an images and candidate personas as well as of job descriptions;

- Processing data and communication on the job-search platform;

- Accurate maintaining a database of candidates;

- Supporting and adaptation of new employees to the working environment;

- Creating a cheerful, welcoming and productive environment while working on enhancing the corporate culture and team spirit;

- Cooperating with other departments in building a community;

- Any other tasks assigned by the direct line manager or management.

Join us and let's make some social media magic happen! Apply now!🔮

Specializations: Marketing
Keywords: recruiter, researcher, recruiting, sourcing
1 year
Remote work
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