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Project Manager in Netpeak Group

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1000 - 2000$
1 year
Remote work

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We are looking for talented Project Managers with experience in digital marketing (SEO, PPC)! If you know how to manage projects, control finances and present results - we are definitely looking for you!

What professional skills are important to us?

- Experience in the field of digital marketing in the role of Account Manager, Project Manager or ASO, SEO or PPC specialist from 1 year.

- Ability to identify business needs, create and implement marketing strategies for clients.

- The ability to competently build communication both with the client and with the team.

- Knowledge of the English language at the Intermediate level and above.

📍Why did the position open?

We are expanding teams.

📍The team is waiting for you:‍

🔹 Control and coordination - managing the client.

🔹 Relationship development - client growth.

🔹 Reporting and presentations.

📍We offer:

🔹 Fixed rate and bonuses based on the results of the interview.

🔹 Flexible work schedule with the possibility to start the working day from 8:00 to 10:00, and end from 17:00 to 19:00.

🔹 Competent Team Lead for coordination of strategic decisions and Junior PMs for routine tasks.

🔹Using premium versions of artificial intelligence.

Do not waste time, fill out the form and join our team and become part of a successful company! 🚀

Specializations: Marketing
Keywords: Marketing, project manager

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1000 - 2000$
1 year
Remote work
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