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Програміст C++ Linux in FOP Lavriv O.I.

26 March


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1500 - 4000$
More than 5 years
Full-time work

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The company specializes in contract development and production of radio-electronic products. The main directions are the production of GPS tracking devices.


  • Strong knowledge of C and C++ programming languages at an above average level
  • Practical experience in writing software for the Linux OS in C++ without using frameworks for embedded systems (Raspberry, etc.)
  • Knowledge of mathematics at the level of the school curriculum and the first two courses of a technical university (the knowledge itself, not "we've been through this" or "well, I can look it up somewhere")
  • Knowledge and ability to apply the subject "algorithms and data structures"
  • Knowledge and practical experience of working with network protocols in the Linux OS and in general - superficial
  • Knowledge and practical experience of working with UART, I2C, SPI interfaces in the Linux operating system is lacking
  • Basic knowledge of video protocols
  • Basic knowledge and skills of system administration on the Linux OS from the command line
  • Experience with Git and/or similar version control systems.
  • Experience working with the make tool, compiling own make files within the project


  1. Experience using OpenCV
  2. Experience and knowledge of Linux kernel and driver writing
  3. Ability to build custom versions of Linux
  4. Knowledge of the basics of analog and digital electronics
  5. Knowledge of Python

The company offers:

  • Long-term projects
  • help with moving
  • housing payment
  • armor from the draft
  • competitive salary depending on your experience and knowledge.

Specializations: C / C++ / Embedded
Keywords: engineer, developer, senior

Translated by Google

1500 - 4000$
More than 5 years
Full-time work
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