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Product Designer in Doumo

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2000 - 5000$
More than 3 years
Remote work
Our wishes to the candidate: At least 3 years experience in UX design in a product company; Deep knowledge of design processes in the product team; Experience with data and metrics preferred; Experience in designing web applications; Experience in developing a product design system; Experience in designing complex interfaces (knowledge of UI / UX principles).

Our needs:

  • Make designs for web and mobile applications;
  • Participate in the development of the company's design system;
  • Improve existing designs based on research and user feedback.

Benefits of working with us:

  • We see the final result of our work and regularly receive feedback from users;
  • We make a product that really helps people make life easier;
  • Our owners are committed to product development and clearly understand what the market needs, having led the #1 online tax filing company in the US for 10+ years;
  • We have a comfortable workflow, a strong team and no bureaucracy;
  • We pay for participation in conferences and programs of additional professional education;
  • We provide hardware and software;
  • We participate in the payment of co-working spaces and English courses;
  • We constantly improve our processes so that our team is as comfortable as possible;

We do not conduct multi-stage interviews: call with HR (I will be glad to meet you and tell you about us) - technical interview - offer.

Specializations: SASS
Keywords: designer, UI / UX
2000 - 5000$
More than 3 years
Remote work
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