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PPC Marketing Manager in Growthcommerce

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Yuliya S.
Yuliya S.
More than 3 years
Remote work

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We are looking for a PPC Marketing Manager for a Canadian eCommerce startup. More details: bit.ly/3Oq19PR

We are looking for a talented PPC Marketing Manager for our Canadian startup working on an eCommerce marketplace. As a PPC Marketing Manager, you will be responsible for developing and executing paid advertising campaign strategies to attract new customers and increase sales.

Tasks of this role:

  • Own our paid search campaigns on Google, Bing and other PPC channels
  • Develop and implement SEM campaign optimization strategies through ad copy testing, quality score improvement, keyword management, landing page testing, and more
  • Analyzing and evaluating the effectiveness of campaigns, as well as transforming quantitative and qualitative data into actionable conclusions and recommendations for revising the campaign strategy
  • Maintaining daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports for managed campaigns
  • Interpret trends and make recommendations based on ROI, CPA, CPC, CTR and ROAS
  • Working with our SEO team to identify the best keywords to target in multidimensional digital marketing campaigns

Required competencies:

1. More than 3 years of experience in Paid Search (bonus if you worked in an affiliate industry)

2. Previous experience successfully managing and optimizing direct response campaigns against performance and volume targets

3. Experience with Excel and other business analytics tools

4. Experience optimizing KPIs such as CPA, CTR and ROAS

5. Some understanding of search arbitrage is a plus

6. Excellent communication and cooperation skills

7. You have a passion for solving complex problems and are eager to get the job done.

Our values:

  • **Critical Thinking** – we use good judgment in making key decisions, we are innovative and deep thinkers, we are deliberate and we deliver high quality work
  • **Usefulness and Transparency** – we support each other by providing context and feedback, we work with respect for our customers, partners and team, we are open to giving and receiving feedback to improve our work
  • **Act like an owner -** we are deeply invested in the success of the company and its customers, we do what's right, not what's easy, we spend carefully, and we know that any success is about what's best for our customers
  • **Get it done -** we operate with a sense of urgency, we are open to change as business needs evolve, and we embody grit and tenacity

We offer you the opportunity to join a young and ambitious team working on the creation of an innovative eCommerce trading platform. You will receive a competitive salary, flexible working hours and the opportunity to work remotely.

If after a short introduction you are interested in the PPC Marketing Manager position, then fill out the short candidate questionnaire bit.ly/44VySa9 and I will contact you to arrange a 15-minute call during which we can talk in more detail.

Or send us your resume with your TELEGRAM nickname and phone number.

our telegram for communication: @rekrutik84

Specializations: PPC
Keywords: ppc, google ads, Marketing Manager

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More than 3 years
Remote work
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