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A stable fintech company with promising plans for development and growth, which is part of a large holding. The product is an online lending service that continues to be updated with new features.


BA, PM, Tech Lead

Beck: 3 developers

Front: 1 developer

2 QA

DevOps and sysadmin

The guys write in PHP, work with Scrum/Kanban.

Technical skills:

— Work experience of 2.5 years or more in the position of php-dev;

— Knowledge of PHP7+ (type hinting, strict types) compliance with PSR, DRY, KISS principles;

— Knowledge and application of DI, IoC, GOF, SOLID patterns with Symfony experience (willingness to learn and work with PhalconPHP v3);

— Experience in GraphQL/REST API development;

— Knowledge of RDВSM (PostgreSQL/MySQL), understanding and examples of using vertical/horizontal scaling;

— Ability to work with the GIT+GIT Flow system;

— Knowledge of Docker+docker-compose tools;

— Ability to work with Message Broker (RabbitMQ);

— PHPUnit + TDD code testing;

— Skills in finding bugs and profiling XDebug/xhprof code;

— Understanding the concept of distributed systems (+/-);

— OS Linux;

— English at the level of reading technical documentation.

It will be a plus:

— Understanding or experience using CQRS, Event Sourcing

— Experience with AWS;

— Experience with CI/CD.


— Development of new functionality and new services, refactoring and improvement of the existing code base.

We will be happy to offer:

— Remote format of cooperation;

— Equipment is provided;

— 100% paid sick days.

Specializations: PHP
Keywords: developer, middle, symfony, middle/senior

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2 years
Remote work
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