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Mid/Sr. Site Reliability Engineer in Scalr

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Product, SaaS
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More than 3 years
Upper Intermediate
Remote work
We are looking for a Mid/Sr. Site Reliability Engineer, a creative thinker who loves to be on the cutting edge and solve problems through technology. Our product itself is DevOps oriented )

As a company, we are doubling down on SaaS product which raises the bar in terms of availability and maintainability (compared to on-prem software). This requires us to reimagine how we deploy, maintain and manage our infrastructure to deliver a stable and reliable SaaS experience for users who make our SaaS platform a critical part of their production infrastructure management.

Terraform provisions and manages the lifecycle of infrastructure. Scalr builds a management layer on top of Terraform, which helps DevOps scale to their entire organization. As an engineering organization, we follow a DevOps approach, researching cloud services, adopting best practices, and using Terraform throughout, which helps us better understand problems and use cases.

By joining our team, you’ll face the challenges and tradeoffs of building a highly reliable production system composed of modern microservices and the previous monolithic approach. The principal stack is Terraform for Google Cloud Platform, Linux, Docker, and Kubernetes, experience in Python scripting, CI platforms and monitoring and logging tools

Must have:

🔹 Python (good experience in writing Python scripts)

🔹 Terraform (for GCP)

🔹 Linux (RHEL/Debian, bash scripting)

🔹 Docker

🔹 Kubernetes

🔹 Google Cloud Platform

🔹 Experience with monitoring and logging tools such as Grafana, Prometheus, Datadog, etc.

🔹 Experience with CI platforms such as GitHub Actions, CircleCI, etc.

🔹 English — Upper-Intermediate+

🔹 A can-do attitude and eagerness to learn

Would be a plus:

🔹 Experience with GitOps, Argo CD, Flux CD, or similar

🔹 Chef, Omnibus, Ruby

As part of our team, you will work on:

🔹 Own and maintain production infrastructure in GCP and Kubernetes

🔹 Implement and maintain Infrastructure as Code in Terraform

🔹 Take part in rolling out new releases and improving the efficiency and reliability of releases

🔹 Assist customers with on-prem installations of our product

🔹 Work with developers to ensure customer data security and isolation in Docker

🔹 Take ownership of system monitoring, logging and alerting etc.

🔹 Own and maintain complex CI pipelines

🔹 Maintain a self-service test environment platform

🔹 Product support sprint activities two-three times per year


🔹 Our product itself is DevOps oriented

🔹 Working with complex CI pipelines that involve cross-project end-to-end tests and continuous delivery (GitHub Actions)

🔹 Ability to participate in multiple app transformations (we have a lot of plans to change repo structure, optimize our monitoring stack, change backend, etc)

What does Scalr offer?

🔹Work with exciting product in an enjoyable environment

🔹 The opportunity to see how your ideas and visions are realized

🔹 Attractive compensation and benefits package

🔹 Long-term contract and tax compensations

🔹 Remote work or in the office

🔹 20 working days of paid vacation and 2 weeks of paid sick leaves

🔹 Medical Insurance

Specializations: DevOps
Keywords: Office/Remote of your choice
More than 3 years
Upper Intermediate
Remote work
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