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Middle+ Data Engineer in Processica

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Iryna Yunosheva
Iryna Yunosheva
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3000 - 5000$
More than 3 years
Remote work

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We are an international IT and software development company headquartered in the US. We are currently looking for a specialist for our client. The project is a data science project for a telecommunications company, Development of conversational AI platform.

Experience :

  • Experience as a Data Engineer 3+ years.
  • Deep understanding and hands-on experience with ClickHouse, dbt, Kafka, Airflow and Dagster.
  • Knowledge of SQL and experience working with large volumes of data.
  • Ability to create and optimize ETL processes.
  • Knowledge of Python and other programming languages.
  • High responsibility and willingness to work in a team.

It will be a plus:

  • Experience with the development of AI solutions or conversational platforms.


  • Development and optimization of data processing infrastructure:
  • Development and support of the infrastructure that ensures the preservation and availability of large volumes of data.
  • Optimizing data warehouses, including ClickHouse, for fast and efficient data analysis.
  • Working with the main technology stack:
  • Development and support of data processing processes using technologies such as dbt for data modeling and transformation.
  • Configuring and monitoring a Kafka system for real-time data exchange.
  • Creating and debugging task scheduling and data execution using Apache Airflow.
  • Using Dagster to manage and monitor various stages of the ETL process.
  • Development and support of ETL processes:
  • Create, debug, and support data extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) processes.
  • Optimization of ETL processes to ensure fast and accurate loading of data into the storage.
  • Processing data from different sources and combining them for analysis and creating reports.
  • Team Collaboration: Interact with engineers, data analysts, scientists, and other collaborators to develop and implement AI and natural language processing solutions. Strong cooperation with the team to solve technical problems and identify opportunities for process optimization.

We offer :

- Flexible work schedule: 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week.

- Bookkeeping and filing of tax returns for all private entrepreneurs.

- Direct payments in USD to SWIFT (any jurisdiction), Payoner, Wise, Revolute, PayPal.

- Paid external training, conferences, and professional certification that matches the company's business goals.

- Paid vacation and sick leave.

Specializations: Security Engineer
Keywords: Kafka, airflow, ClickHouse, Dbt, Dagster

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3000 - 5000$
More than 3 years
Remote work
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