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L3 Support Engineer in Nasc Technologies LTD

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Nasc Technologies LTD
Nasc Technologies LTD
Nasc Technologies
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1600 - 2200$
2 years
Upper Intermediate
Remote work

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We are looking for an expert in web application support who is ready to develop towards DevOps

Our engineer is familiar with the following systems: Troubleshooting SW / HW issues, Unix, Nginx, MySQL DB, Grafana, Monit +, Monitoring (approach), Vpn / routing, Redis, ELK (ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana), Terraform IaC tool, SaltStack (deployment) tool, AWS environment administration, Web applications (ruby on rails), MongoDB.

Your key responsibilities:

- deployment and maintenance of the following systems and databases: Nginx, Passenger, Trinidad, Jenkins, Gitlab, ELK, Grafana, MySQL, MongoDB, and others

- administration and security of servers and software that is in use by the Customer and the company

- setting up logging and monitoring systems

–Interaction with the development department to solve urgent problems

- formation and renewal of infrastructure for the needs of the Customer

For Senior position additionally:

–Orchestration of HW through tools for managing infrastructure as code

- assignment of tasks to a friendly support team

We offer:

1. Remote work

2. Salary 1,600 - 2,200 USD depending on the relevance of your experience and achievements

3. Compensation for the cost of coworking space

4. Fixed working day from 8 to 17 in Kiev

5. Paid vacation in the amount of 18 working days

6. Paid sick leave

Specializations: DevOps, SysAdmin
Keywords: SW/HW issues, Unix, Nginx, MySQL DB, Grafana

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1600 - 2200$
2 years
Upper Intermediate
Remote work
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