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Head of HR in Calaton Systems

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Olha M
Olha M
1000 - 1800$
2 years
Upper Intermediate
Remote work

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An American technical company with R&D in Ukraine and Poland is looking for an experienced HR manager. We are a small but organized company with existing clients and ongoing projects. We develop several in-house products and build web and mobile applications for US clients.


-2+ years in HR with experience building processes from "0";

-Experience of drawing up pdp, strategy, launching enps;

- Expertise in recruiting abroad;

-Successful experience of managing a team of 2+ people;

-Experience in developing an individual development plan, KPI, 360

- Communication with clients regarding new vacancies and PDP;

- Possession of various tools for building effective processes;

-Structured thinking and the ability to make business decisions based on data;

-Strong communication skills;

-Knowledge of English at the Upper-Intermediate level;


-Recruiting: accepting applications, distribution between teams, communication with hiring managers, distribution among recruiters, reporting

-HR: PDP team management, CRI, feedbacks, 1-1

-Plan for budgeting payments to specialists for the year

- Implementation and updating of documentation and policies in the knowledge base

- Cooperation with other departments of the administration (accounting, finance, system administration)

-Help from all organizations. processes: adaptation, onboarding\offboarding, communication coordination, exit talk.

- Organization of events within the company for projects

-ENPs and company level surveys

- Increasing loyalty to the company, collecting feedback

- Reporting to management.

Specializations: Recruiters and HR
Keywords: hr, HR generalist, HR-generalist, HR Manager, HR Services

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1000 - 1800$
2 years
Upper Intermediate
Remote work
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