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Fullstack Developer in Geacom

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2 years
Remote work

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Fullstack Developer (fullstack Wordpress Developer), (skills: Lead, PHP, MySQL, Bash, Nginx, Git, CSS, JavaScript, HTML, Wordpress) Part-time, remote work. Hourly payment or by tasks.

Job description

Professional requirements:

- Work experience of JS, PHP from 3 years

- Experience with MySQL, Laravel, nginx, bach, cron

- Layout skills and working with Wordpress to develop a theme from scratch from a ready-made design,

experience in writing simple plugins, a good understanding of Wordpress,

excellent knowledge of Custom Post Type+Custom Taxonomy,

excellent knowledge of Advanced Custom Fields, СЅЅ3 + HTML5,

good understanding of responsive layout, good knowledge of jQuery and Vue, GIT, NPM, Gulp. –

Work experience with Woocommerce

- Experience with API integrations

- Working with "live" projects

Professional duties: - development and support of websites on Worpress - refinement/optimization of existing templates, scripts - technical support and modernization of current projects. From the candidate we expect independence, the ability to plan his time and organize his work, and the ability to check and test his code. We will be happy for an active, proactive and attentive candidate who knows how to forecast labor costs, quickly switches from one task to another, and has enough patience to analyze someone else's code.

Specializations: Full-Stack, WordPress
Keywords: Wordpress, fullstack

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2 years
Remote work
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