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Digital Marketing Manager | PPC | Media buyer in PERSHE AGENCY

29 March


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Maksim Senchenko
Maksim Senchenko
founder pershe agency
500 - 1000$
1 year
Without English
Remote work

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Are there Dnipros here? :) We remind you that our city is not only offices)) And also the city of business, where our agency comes from. Do you also want to develop and work with interesting Google white projects and Meta Ads – go with us!

My name is Max. I am the founder of the Pershe Agency team. Our office is located in Dnipro

We are currently conducting projects around the world (Europe, Canada, USA, Australia, Ukraine, Thailand)

We have been engaged in marketing for 5 years. Two years ago, we opened an agency in Dnipro (we work with 50 projects/month) and we want to expand.

That's why, my friend, you are reading this :)).

5 people in the office - the rest are outsourced. You can also work remotely. But meet once in the office for a meeting. (if you have experience!)

Our main principle is to do business "without water".

That is why everyone in our team does their own thing:

- designer - design;

- targetologist - a target;

- project manager - communicating with the customer and closing communication problems

Therefore: you will not have to communicate with the customer.

And just set up ads and get high.

I want to see from the candidate:

❗️ Responsibility

❗️ Initiative and involvement

❗️ Love for marketing, not just "pushing buttons"

❗️ The desire to constantly keep your finger on the pulse

❗️ Adequacy in communication and work

❗️ Experience from 5 projects

I can guarantee:

⚡️ Support in projects (both my personal and team)

⚡️ Your regular training from courses, consultations, etc. marketing info products

Specializations: PPC
Keywords: facebook, Instagram, facebook ads, meta ads

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500 - 1000$
1 year
Without English
Remote work
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