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DevOps engineer in Softcery

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1500 - 2000$
1 year
Remote work

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Hello 👋 We are looking for an experienced and talented DevOps Engineer, with whom we will make the infrastructure of our projects even more reliable, and the DevOps process even more flexible and developer-friendly 🤘


  1. Cooperation with project teams and prompt response to their requests.
  2. Creation, optimization and scaling of cloud infrastructure on AWS using the Hashicorp stack (Terraform and others).
  3. Setting up and maintaining an effective and developer-friendly DevOps process to ensure regular and reliable production releases.
  4. Work according to the flex-time format - according to workload.


  1. Relevant experience from 1 year in an identical position.
  2. Experience with AWS, Terraform, GitHub.
  3. Written English.
  4. Knowledge of JavaScript/TypeScript and ability to independently deploy and debug applications with minimal dev involvement.

Hiring stages:

  1. Interview-acquaintance.
  2. Test task.
  3. Test task review.
  4. Test call.

We offer:

  1. Ability to work remotely.
  2. 20 paid weekdays of vacation per year, 12 days of paid sick leave per year, 2 monthly paid menstrual leave (for women).

If you liked the vacancy and think you are suitable for this position, feel free to leave a review and we will be happy to meet you for an interview 👋

Specializations: DevOps
Keywords: JavaScript, AWS, TypeScript, Terraform

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1500 - 2000$
1 year
Remote work
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