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1500 - 3000$
More than 3 years
Upper Intermediate
Part-time work

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ChatGPT/OpenAI R&D Engineer IT

remote work


Work experience: 3 years

Python - 3 years

AI - 3 years

Data Science - 3 years

English - Average


Our company is looking for a skilled specialist who will help us find new areas of work. We are interested in finding new areas where Data Science can be used. That is, what services can we provide that will be relevant in the field of Data Science; what new things we can bring in terms of services in this direction; who may need it.

We are an international IT and software development company headquartered in the US. For 6+ years on the market, we have created a stable presence in the telecommunications, financial, automotive and other sectors of the economy.



— 3+ years of Python programming experience.

— Knowledge of such frameworks as Pytorch, Tensorflow or Keras and others.

— 3+ years of experience working with Open AI

Demand and


— Deep understanding of the Python ML ecosystem (pytorch, tensorflow, numpy, pandas, sklearn, XGBoost, etc.)

— Deep understanding of MLOps/AIOps concepts and best practices

— Experience with some MLOps related platforms/technologies

— Experience with basic software development tools such as git, CI/CD and general object-oriented design

— Experience or desire to use ChatGPT or other AI-based bots in practice

— Understanding the basis of mathematical models for ML

What will need to be done


— To study the latest frameworks and technologies related to ML/AI

— Construct various Proof of Concepts in the desire to find new application areas for ChatGPT/OpenAI

— Perform R&D tasks of various directions and domains.

What we offer:

- Flexible work schedule: 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week. This additionally depends on the hours of operation of the project.

- Bookkeeping and filing of tax returns for all private entrepreneurs.

- Direct payments in USD to SWIFT (any jurisdiction), Payoner, Wise, Revolute, PayPal.

- Paid external training, conferences, and professional certification that matches the company's business goals.

- We provide such a set of benefits - vacations and paid sick leave.

Specializations: Data Science
Keywords: engineer

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1500 - 3000$
More than 3 years
Upper Intermediate
Part-time work
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