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Chief Operating Officer in StarTribe

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4000 - 6000$
More than 5 years
Remote work

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About the project: We are engaged in the development of a convenient electronic wallet that provides the ability to store, exchange, as well as quickly and easily transfer crypto and fiat currencies.

🔵 Responsibilities:

- Process management: planning, development and implementation of effective operational processes to ensure optimal functioning.

- Personnel management: recruitment, training and management of personnel, including task allocation, performance evaluation and creation of a motivating work environment.

- Coordination of IT infrastructure modernization efforts to increase efficiency and minimize support costs.

🔵 What we want to see in the candidate experience:

- Proven work experience (minimum 3 years) in a similar position or in roles such as CEO, CRO (Chief Revenue Officer), CPO (Chief Product Officer).

- Deep understanding of analytics.

- Leadership experience and ability to build and scale operations.

- Ability to identify business value, prioritize the most effective initiatives and delegate them appropriately.

- Analytical thinking and ability to solve problems.

🔵 What we offer:

- Competitive wages, - Remote work and the opportunity from anywhere in the world

Specializations: Android
Keywords: Office/Remote of your choice

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4000 - 6000$
More than 5 years
Remote work
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