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Luxoft is a global IT services and software development company founded in 2000 and headquartered in Zug, Switzerland. The company employs over 13,000 people across 27 offices worldwide.

Luxoft specializes in providing custom software application development, software testing, technology consulting, and IT solutions to clients in various industries. Key sectors served include automotive, financial services, telecom, healthcare, consumer goods, and more.

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Luxoft: A Leading Global Provider of Custom Software Solutions

Over the past two decades, Luxoft has progressively established itself as a premier developer of high-value software solutions and technology services for companies worldwide. The company’s focus on innovation, quality, and client relationships underpins its emergence as a trusted global IT partner across diverse sectors.


Founded in 2000 in Russia, Now Headquartered in Switzerland

Luxoft traces its origins to 2000 in Moscow, Russia, founded by Dmitry Loschinin to provide elite custom software engineering services. The company eventually relocated its headquarters to Zug, Switzerland, reflecting its global orientation.


This early focus on sophisticated software engineering capabilities laid the foundation for Luxoft’s future growth.


Extensive Portfolio Spanning Software Engineering, Cloud, Data, and More

Today, Luxoft delivers a wide spectrum of technology offerings ranging from application development and integration to cloud enablement, analytics, emerging tech, and strategic advisory services.


The company’s extensive experience allows tailored solutions that help clients adopt the latest technology innovations to achieve their business objectives.


Industry Expertise Across Automotive, Financial Services, Telecom, Healthcare, and More

Leveraging over 20 years of deep industry knowledge, Luxoft provides highly specialized solutions for sectors including automotive, financial services, insurance, consumer goods, healthcare, telecom, energy, and travel.


This vertical expertise enables Luxoft to consistently meet the distinct requirements of each industry to deliver maximum impact.


Strategic Acquisitions to Augment Capabilities and Geographic Reach

Luxoft has fuelled growth through acquisitions of leading regional service providers across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. These include innovative firms in IoT, big data, UX design, and other high-demand areas.


Strategic M&A provides access to new markets while expanding expertise in existing digital services.


Notable Partnerships with Leading Technology Vendors

Luxoft reinforces internal skills through alliances with top enterprise technology vendors such as Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform.


These relationships provide early access to cutting-edge capabilities to integrate into client solutions.


Nearshore Delivery Centers Across Latin America and Eastern Europe

To provide flexibility and scale, Luxoft operates a nearshore delivery network spanning Latin America locations including Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil as well as centers across Central and Eastern Europe.


This nearshore footprint supplements Luxoft's offshore presence to enable 24/7 execution and accelerated delivery across time zones.


Acquired by DXC Technology to Expand Global Scale and Capabilities

In 2019, Luxoft was acquired by DXC Technology, a Fortune 500 IT services company. This created a digital transformation powerhouse blending DXC’s global delivery scale with Luxoft’s specialized expertise.


Joint offerings now span IT modernization, intelligent automation, data analytics, cloud migration, cybersecurity, and more.


Managed Services and Solutions for Improved Operational Efficiency

Luxoft provides ongoing management of infrastructure and applications through offerings including application support and maintenance, cloud hosting, system monitoring, help desk services, and disaster recovery.


These services enable clients to offload operational responsibilities to Luxoft teams and focus on higher-value business initiatives.


Certified Delivery Processes Aligned with Strict Global Standards

Luxoft’s global delivery model is certified against frameworks such as ISO 9001, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, and ISO 13485 to validate compliance with the most stringent quality, security, and data privacy requirements.


Rigorous quality assurance underpins Luxoft’s reputation for excellence in complex software solution engineering.


Focus on Client Success and Technology Innovation

A relentless focus on client success and satisfaction is central to Luxoft’s values and culture. The company maintains a progressive mindset, embracing emerging technologies to drive continued value for its global customers.


Luxoft sustains an environment where talent and innovation thrive in pursuit of client goals.


In Summary: 

A Trusted Global IT Services Leader since 2000

Over 20+ years, Luxoft has consistently delivered elite-caliber software solutions explicitly engineered for client needs. The company's specialized expertise, focus on innovation, and global delivery capabilities cement its status as a premier IT services provider worldwide. As technology landscapes continue to evolve rapidly, Luxoft stands ready to help companies harness digital transformation.


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