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Leading IT Recruitment Agency based in Ukraine/Poland catering for all job openings nation-wide on a permanent and contract basis. As a leading IT Recruitment Agency we have access to some of the best IT candidates and jobs in the market both on a permanent and contract basis. We are extremely good at filling niche IT jobs.


International Recruitment, IT Recruitment, Relocation IT specialists to the USA, the United Kingdom, European Union, Canada, United Arab Emirates, and other countries.

IT recruitment

Vibe: IT International Recruiting. They help great companies scale their technical teams.


Reason to Join: TechHunt is a recruitment agency specializing in Information Technology and Engineering. They provide tailor-made work in close partnership with candidates and employers.


Number of Employees: Up to 10


Career Development: The company emphasizes professional growth.


Clients: Product companies, startups, and Big enterprises.



1. Flexible Working Hours: The company offers flexibility in working hours.

2. Paid Vacation and Sick Leave: Employees receive paid leave.

3. Professional Development Programs: Opportunities for skill enhancement and career growth are provided.

4. Mentorship Programs: Employees can access mentors who guide and support their professional journey.

5. Performance Bonuses: Outstanding work is recognized and rewarded with performance-based bonuses.

6. Education Support and Tuition Reimbursement: Financial assistance is provided for further educational pursuits related to the job.

7. Mental Health Support: The company emphasizes the mental well-being of its employees and offers relevant support.


About: TechHunt operates in the IT and Engineering recruitment domain, providing specialized services to help companies scale their technical teams.


TechHunt: Pioneering IT International Recruiting

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, the demand for skilled professionals is at an all-time high. Companies, from startups to established enterprises, are in a constant hunt for talent that can drive innovation and growth. This is where TechHunt comes into the picture, offering a bridge between these companies and the talent they so desperately seek.


Introduction to TechHunt: Founded with a vision to aid great companies in scaling their technical teams, TechHunt has established itself as a leading recruitment agency specializing in the Information Technology and Engineering fields. Their unique approach to recruitment, which emphasizes tailor-made solutions and close partnerships with both candidates and employers, sets them apart in the crowded recruitment landscape.

Understanding the TechHunt Vibe: At its core, TechHunt is all about IT International Recruiting. But what does that mean? It means they are not just another recruitment agency. They are specialists, experts in the field of IT and Engineering, with a deep understanding of the industry's nuances. Their team is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to identify the perfect match for both candidates and companies.


Why Choose TechHunt?: One of the primary reasons to opt for TechHunt is their commitment to providing tailor-made solutions. They understand that every company is unique, with its own set of challenges and requirements. Similarly, every candidate is different, with their own aspirations and skillsets. TechHunt's strength lies in recognizing these individual needs and providing solutions that are a perfect fit.

A Small Yet Efficient Team: While TechHunt may have a team of up to 10 members, their efficiency and effectiveness are unparalleled. Each member brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, ensuring that the recruitment process is smooth, efficient, and successful.

Career Development at TechHunt: TechHunt is not just about recruiting; it's about building careers. They place a strong emphasis on professional growth, ensuring that candidates are not just placed in jobs but are also given opportunities to grow and develop in their chosen fields. Their commitment to career development is evident in the various programs and initiatives they have in place to support candidates throughout their professional journey.


Diverse Clientele: TechHunt's client base is diverse, ranging from product companies and startups to big enterprises. This diversity ensures that candidates have a wide range of opportunities to choose from, depending on their preferences and career goals.

Benefits of Associating with TechHunt: TechHunt offers a plethora of benefits to both candidates and companies. From flexible working hours and mentorship programs to performance bonuses and education support, they ensure that the needs of their associates are always met. Their emphasis on mental health support is particularly commendable, highlighting their holistic approach to recruitment and career development.



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