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EPAM Systems Inc., based in Newtown, Pennsylvania, USA, and founded in 1993, is a renowned global technology firm specializing in software engineering and digital platform services. Renowned for its digital platform engineering and software development, EPAM's approach involves thorough requirements analysis, platform selection, customization, and cross-platform migration. Its services extend to infrastructure management, encompassing application, database, network, server, storage, and system operations, along with monitoring and incident resolution.

EPAM is distinguished for integrating engineering with smart automation, enhancing software testing and quality assurance through test management, automation, and consulting services. Its consulting domain covers business, technology, data, and technical advisory, complemented by digital and service design solutions, including strategy, design, and program management, as well as development in AI, robotics, and virtual reality.

Serving industries like finance, travel, consumer, software, media, life sciences, and healthcare, EPAM's global presence spans Germany, Switzerland, China, Belarus, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Armenia, the UK, the US, Poland, and more. Recognized in Forbes' 25 Fastest Growing Public Tech Companies and Fortune’s 100 Fastest-Growing Companies (2019-2021), it joined the S&P 500 in December 2021.

As of early 2024, EPAM's market cap is approximately $16.75 billion. Its portfolio includes software products, digital product design, and consulting services under EPAM and EPAM Continuum brands. Through mergers and acquisitions, EPAM has expanded its capabilities and reach, offering tailored services to its global client base. For more information, visit EPAM Systems' website for news, financial reports, and services.

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EPAM Systems: A Leading Global Provider of Digital Transformation Services


EPAM Systems has established itself as a foremost global company delivering advanced software engineering, digital platform engineering, and digital transformation consulting. With headquarters in Newtown, Pennsylvania, EPAM has maintained a substantial presence across North America, Europe, and Asia since its founding in 1993. The company's steady expansion and diverse capabilities solidify its position as an industry leader in enabling digital evolution.


Comprehensive Digital Services Spanning Strategy, Design, Engineering, and Optimization


EPAM Systems provides end-to-end digital services that assist clients in keeping pace with rapid technology change. Offerings encompass digital and business consulting, experience design, software product development, platform engineering and migration, infrastructure optimization, and more.


This full spectrum of expertise allows seamless ideation, design, delivery, and optimization of complex digital solutions tailored to each client's strategic objectives.


Advanced Software Engineering Across Custom Web, Mobile, Embedded, and Enterprise Systems


With over 30 years of accumulated expertise, EPAM excels at building sophisticated software systems using state-of-the-art frameworks and methodologies. The company provides specialized capabilities around custom web, mobile, embedded, cloud, and enterprise software development. 


Robust quality assurance and testing services complement software engineering to ensure optimal functionality, security, scalability, and performance.


Focus on Digital Experience Design, Transformation Strategy, and Business Consulting


Beyond software development, EPAM delivers consulting and services focused on elevating digital customer and employee experiences. Offerings include experience in strategy, design, and implementation coupled with organizational change management and training.


The company also provides technology advisory, data consulting, and business transformation services to drive innovation, growth, and enhanced productivity for clients.


Domain Expertise Spanning Financial Services, Travel, Healthcare, Media, Retail, and More


Leveraging experience across industries, EPAM tailors solutions for financial services, travel, consumer goods, healthcare, life sciences, software, manufacturing, and media.


Deep domain expertise allows the company to create impactful solutions that answer the distinct needs of each industry segment. Both established firms and innovative startups benefit from EPAM's strategic insights and technical acumen.


Robust Infrastructure Management, Monitoring, Automation, and Engineering


EPAM's infrastructure and operational services maximize the reliability, efficiency, and security of clients' applications, databases, networks, and systems environments. Capabilities include hosting, monitoring, automation, incident response, capacity planning, usage analytics, DevOps adoption, and more.


The company also engineers custom platforms blending third-party and proprietary components for optimized performance.


Advanced Quality Assurance, Security, and Software Testing Solutions


To maximize software quality and minimize risk, EPAM offers comprehensive application security assessments, penetration testing, code reviews, and training. Rigorous quality assurance spans test automation, performance optimization, and real-world user scenario validation.


These services identify vulnerabilities early while confirming consistent functionality, seamless user experiences, and compliance with specifications.


Mergers and Acquisitions Expand Expertise Across High-Demand Digital Disciplines


EPAM aggressively expands its skills and geographic reach through acquisitions of leading specialized firms. Recent deals have brought deeper capabilities in areas including Adobe services, Salesforce solutions, and product design and innovation.


This strategy provides access to complementary expertise and talent that allow ever-broader value delivery to global clients.


Extensive Global Delivery Presence Across North America, Europe, and Asia


EPAM maintains delivery centers and client services infrastructure across dozens of countries including the United States, Canada, Mexico, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, China, and India. 


This global scale and flexibility facilitate the right-sized teams in optimal locations to meet client program needs efficiently.


Strong Rankings as a Fast-Growing, Innovative Global Tech Services Leader 


Ongoing innovation, expansion, and client value creation are reflected in numerous EPAM rankings and awards. Forbes, Fortune, and Consulting Magazine repeatedly recognize EPAM among the world's fastest-growing tech services firms.


Inclusion in the S&P 500 and rankings as a top global outsourcer further validate EPAM as an established yet dynamic industry leader.


Guiding Principles Stress Technical Excellence, Collaboration, and Client Impact


EPAM maintains core values focused on nurturing world-class technical expertise while understanding client needs and delivering measurable outcomes.


The company stresses teamwork, innovation, learning, and growth as foundations for its culture of flexibility and relentless client focus.


In Summary: A Trusted Global Leader in Digital Transformation 


With three decades of experience at the forefront of technology evolution, EPAM Systems has earned distinction as a top global provider of digital services spanning consulting, design, engineering, and strategic enablement. Their technical expertise, domain knowledge, and focus on business impact position EPAM as a trusted transformation partner for future-focused enterprises.


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