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Xamarin/Flutter developer

1 March
More than 5 years
Upper Intermediate
Considering options
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Xamarin / Flutter developer
GithubActions (created advanced workflows using PowerShell and yml scripts);
App Center.
Oracle Apex, Realm, Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite Environments:
Visual Studio 2010+, Eclipse, VS for Mac, Android Studio Experience in Flutter (about 3 months):
Created Click and Clollect application from scratch with my teammate.
My responsibilities:
Creating project structure;
Web api integration with GraphQL;
Creating animations;
Creating new functionality.
Experience in Xamarin:
From scratch:
Worked on redesigning and refactoring "Murakami" app;
Developed Dictionary app;
Developed Simple Weather app;
Developed XplorPal app;
Developed IamNearby(9111) app;
Developed MyQrCards app;
Developing TooSee app;
Developing Meloman app from scratch (MVVM Cross).
Developing and support TaskMaverick app (MVVM Cross)Supported this projects:
I supported the projects of the modular application designer Appropio (MVVM Cross), and other apps.
Among them supported such projects:
SKA (hockey club official app);
Zero Plus;
MobileAccess Client (Xamarin.
Forms) MobileAccess Web API (small experience with web) Other Xamarin related experience:
Developing statement of work of the Meloman application from scratch Ability to analyze a project before development begins (experience in medium-sized projects) Extensive experience communicating with customers and upholding the interests of the team Worked a lot with someone else's complicated code Developed drag and swipe photo cropper for Xamarin.
iOS Worked with advanced navigation in MVVM Cross (TaskMaverick project has a lot of nested Fragments and ViewControllers) Worked with MVVM Cross Media manager Some experience with Canvas, UIBezierPath Worked with push notifications in several projects (Firebase and OneSignal) Experience in the selection of developers, interviewed Experience in Unit Testing (NUnit) Experience with Github Actions (Creating complicated yml scripts which work along with PowerShell scripts) Experience in developing and supporting Xamarin Native and MvvmCross applications Experience with Xamarin Forms Experience with Dependency Injection (Autofac container) Writing UI Tests Experience with SQLite, Realm, Microsoft SQL, Oracle Apex, PostgreSQL databases;
Experience with Jira, Skype for Business, Xamarin Test Cloud, Slack, ResX Resource Manager;
Experience with REST Web Services (RestSharp, Refit, HttpClient, GraphQL);
Experience with auto-renewable subscriptions (InAppPurchases) of both platforms (Apple, Google);
Experience with Stripe Unloading an application with a purchase into the AppStore;
Chat development in Iamnearby application (voice messages, correspondence, transfer of media files and other features) Experience in layout building using C# code for iOS, as well as in Interface Builder.
Experience in developing user interface animations for Xamarin.
iOS and Xamarin.
Android Experience with an American and Scandinavian mobile teams on several projects Experience in international negotiations with customers and paid interviews in English (Israel, Ireland, USA, Kazakhstan, etc.
) Helping trainees I can read Swift code and port from it.
Easy to read with Java and other languages Experience with Google Maps, MapBox Experience with library sources to identify and use the necessary functionality Experience with VK SDK, FB SDK, Google, etc.
Another experience gone through the pain of mistakes
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More than 5 years
Upper Intermediate
Considering options
Full-time office work
Part-time work
Remote work (full-time)
Freelance (one-time projects)
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