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23 января 2023
Turbo вакансия
Senior Backend Drupal Developer
23 января 2023
We're looking for a Senior Backend Drupal Developer!
27 января 2023
Turbo вакансия
Job opening: Unity + AR developer
27 января 2023
“CodeSmart” Software Engineering Artel is looking for a senior Unity developer with experience in AR apps development. Join our team and help to build the next generation of AR games & entertainment products. As a Unity developer, you will be a key member of our newly created Mobile Apps development team and will have a chance to build your own team from the beginning!
19 января 2023
We are looking for a Plotly Dash (Python) Developer. You’ll be part of international team.
18 января 2023
Запускається новий проект – мобільна ферма! Якщо у Вас є досвід від 2-х років у казуальних фермах (mobile) – Welcome to the design team! Ви будете одним із команди спеціалістів, що готують до виходу гру, яка потрапить у топи мобільного ринку.
14 января 2023
UX/UI Senior/Middle Designer
14 января 2023
Привіт від Solar Digital! Ми шукаємо креативного дизайнера інтерфейсів, який дуже захоплюється своєю справою. Наша команда працює з міжнародними клієнтами, та допомагає створювати унікальний продуктовий user experience.
5 января 2023
Senior Android Engineer
5 января 2023
We are in search of a qualified, organized, and talented Senior Android Engineer.
29 декабря 2022
Senior React Native Developer
29 декабря 2022
Project NEW project! Development from scratch! An application for skillful gamers that allows people to earn money by playing one versus one game. We are developing a game that will be fun and profitable for good gamers. Profit will be based on cryptocurrency. That’s not about a casino or slot games, that’s game like rock, paper, scissors. The game will be 1v1 and the winner decided by skill.
7 декабря 2022
Game economy designer
7 декабря 2022
You will be the game economy designer specialist within the development team of a new multi- platform Multiplayer franchise (Shooter). The ideal candidate has an intrinsic passion for achieving the best results, the drive to support their teammates in conquering the toughest challenges in the industry and is well-versed in the purpose and economy of great multiplayer GAMES.
29 ноября 2022
Digital strategist
29 ноября 2022
We are looking for a Digital Lead to focus on strategy, UX/UI design, and tailored development solutions. The Digital Lead will report directly to the CEO, manage a group of 4-5 project managers, and oversee full development teams and life cycles. This position is Director level. Overall responsibilities: strategic planning, assuring quality delivery in a growing agency environment, monitoring key account relationships, and accelerating team performance.
28 ноября 2022
Unity developer
28 ноября 2022
Welcome to LITSLINK — a top software development company from the US established by motivated doers and tech entrepreneurs with a great mission in mind — help up-and-coming companies and SME businesses turn their dreams into profitable ventures.
24 ноября 2022
Lead Designer (UI/UX)
24 ноября 2022
Привіт! Мене звати Артем, я — дизайн-директор у Halo Lab. У нас одна з найкрутіших (ми Топ-1 на Dribbble) та найбільших (55 дизайнерів) дизайн-команд в Україні....
18 ноября 2022
We are looking for developers to relocate to the client's R&D second home in Prague. There is relocation support and compensation Considering only candidates who are willing to develop with Angular
16 ноября 2022
Description:We are looking for an Embedded Software Engineer willing to join our ever-growing software team. You’ll have an opportunity to shape the Consumer Electronics business, join a world-class engineering team, and help revolutionize the next unloved device in our homes. You’ll be responsible for architecture, design, and implementing the heart that makes our client’s flagship and future products tick.
15 ноября 2022
We are looking for developers to relocate them to the client's R&D second home in Prague. There is relocation support and compensations Considering only candidates who are willing to develop with Angular
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