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QA Manual, QA, QC engineer Ivano-Frankivsk, 0.5 года experience, Intermediate
30 января 2023
I am a QA Engineer with practical experience in Manual, Automation, API, and mobile testing. Good knowledge of SQL, methodologies and types of testing, and test design techniques. I know the theory of testing, and client-server architecture worked with Postman. I have experience in writing test cases, checklists, and bug reports. Trained in Jira and TestRail, I was a Scrum Master on a student project. I worked with HTML, CSS, and Git.
Senior React Developer 5500$, Стамбул, Более 5 лет experience, Начинающий
30 января 2023
I always clean coding and i am deaf
Senior Frontend Developer Амстердам, Эйндховен (4), Более 5 лет experience, Upper Intermediate
30 января 2023
As an experienced developer, I am open to new opportunities. I can work remotely within a B2B contract under the name of my software company (Ayesoft Technologies) in Turkey / Ankara. Please review my CV to be informed about my rich variety of experiences on web based software developments over 12 years.
Frontend-developer, HTML-coder 1000$, Чернигов, Более 5 лет experience, Начинающий
30 января 2023
HTML, Front-End / JS, CSS, Git, Vue, Figma, Photoshop, Linux
Middle Backend .NET Developer 3000$, Стамбул, Более 3 лет experience, Upper Intermediate
30 января 2023
I am a software engineer with more than 4 years of professional experience in software development services in various domains such as Education, Health, E-Commerce, Wholesale, Retail and Tech. Mostly I'm leading the team and building backend applications and also sometimes I manage the project and build frontend applications. That helps me to achieve the best results when it comes to interaction with other teams.
Trainee/Junior Front-end developer 700$, Днепр, Львов, 2 года experience, Intermediate
29 января 2023
Здравствуйте, меня зовут Артем. На данный момент я увлекаюсь футболом, ездой на велосипеде на дальнее расстояние и тяжелой атлетикой. Самое главное увлечение это готовка блюд. Параллельно изучаю иностранные языки и языки программирования
QA Engineer / QA Analyst Киев, Днепр (8), 1.5 года experience, Intermediate
28 января 2023
I'm a manual QA engineer with over 1.5 years of commercial experience working on healthcare projects. I have gained in-depth knowledge of all the activities performed during the SDLC/STLC processes, conducting various types of testing (GUI, functional, smoke, regression, exploratory, confirmation), reporting and bug tracking, requirements analysis and clarification. Today I am looking for new opportunities to apply my knowledge and plan to join a team of professionals as a QA engineer/Analyst
ML developer (Python) 1500$, Ташкент, 1.5 года experience, Upper Intermediate
27 января 2023
I am a young and promising worker with 2 years of experience in the field of machine learning and proficiency in the Python programming language. I have a deep understanding of various machine learning algorithms and techniques, as well as a strong background in Python programming. I am constantly seeking new opportunities to expand my knowledge and skills in the field, and am dedicated to delivering high-quality results to my clients and employers.
Marketing Manager 1000$, Киев, 2 года experience, Advanced/Fluent
27 января 2023
- Worked with SaaS decisions, in FinTech, E-commerce and Analytics domains. - Experience working with USA, UK and Ukrainian markets with both B2B and B2C products. - Pedantry at work, have an ability for multitasking, creativity and a high level of responsibility. - Knowledge of languages: English ─ C1. - 4+ years experience in communication with English native speakers. ➡️bogdana.fedosova@gmail.com ➡️Telegram: @fedosovab Feel free to contact me!
Junior Marketing Manager 1200$, Киев, 1.5 года experience, Upper Intermediate
27 января 2023
I'm a passionate manager with five years of experience in maintaining daily operations and performance management ensuring a company's success. Service-driven approach and result-oriented professional, with great communication and problem-solving skills. I have a basic knowledge in digital marketing, understanding of processes and key metrics.
Business Analyst Junior 52000$, Торонто, Китченер (1), Более 5 лет experience, Advanced/Fluent
27 января 2023
A qualified IT professional with experience in network design, installation and administration, System integration and administration, pre-sales or post-sales support and specialized IT support.
Project Manager 500$, Киев, 0.5 года experience, Intermediate
26 января 2023
I am a communicative person, focused on building rapport, both with the client and within the team, with the skills of functioning in multitasking conditions.
JavaScript / Front-End / HTML Ужгород, Более 5 лет experience, Advanced/Fluent
26 января 2023
- worked as a team lead; - teacher assistant.
UI Ux Designer 800$, Львов, Более 3 лет experience, Intermediate
26 января 2023
Hello, my name is Vasul and I'm a professional UI/UX designer with 3+ years of experience, delivering thoughtful, reasonable solutions to businesses that bring them more revenue. I cover all kinds of Web and Mobile User Interface Development - websites, web apps and mobile apps (iOS and Android), dedicated to work from the functionality determination till the final pixel-perfect designs.
Junior Frontend Developer (React.js/Redux) 500$, Киев, Без опыта, Intermediate
26 января 2023
Hi! Can I have an internship in your company? My name is Anna, I live in Kyiv, and I have been studying programming for several years, I graduated from the Front-end Developer (JavaScript, React, Redux, HTML5, CSS) courses at Go-It school. After teaching independently, I write my pet-projects (links to examples are in the resume). I am looking for my first team, I am ready to start at least tomorrow, I can write a test task, I will be grateful for such an opportunity.
Product Manager / Project Manager 2000$, Полтава, Киев (3), Более 5 лет experience, Intermediate
25 января 2023
More than 10 years in business/project management.
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