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.NET Developer 3000$, Budapest, Poznan (9), Mehr als 3 Jahre experience, Fortgeschritten/Fließend
21 April 2024
.NET Python
hi i am a software developer from india.
PHP Developer 4000$, Salo, Über 5 Jahre experience, Zwischenstufe
21 April 2024
As an experienced developer, I have worked on many projects over the past period and have a lot of development experience. I have experience in HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Laravel, Codeigniter, Python, Django, reactjs, vuejs, and nextjs. I have many skills such as , nuxtjs, express, nodejs, wordpress, electron, svelte, pinescript, and Ruby. I graduated from Volyonya University and have a bachelor's degree in information science.
Lawyer 1700$, Kiew, 2 Jahre experience, Fortgeschritten/Fließend
21 April 2024
Добрий день! Радий вітати всіх на цьому ресурсі. Радий буду співпраці на повний робочий день зайнятості
Full Stack Web Developer Kiew, 1 Jahr experience, Zwischenstufe
21 April 2024
Dedicated and results-driven Full Stack JavaScript Developer with a strong background in JavaScript (ES6+), Node.js and database management using MySQL, MongoDB and HTML5, CSS/SASS,Vue, React. Experienced in version control with Git and deployment using Docker. A proactive problem-solver with a passion for delivering high-quality software solutions. Eager to contribute my technical skills and enthusiasm for innovation to a dynamic team.
Backend Engineer Indore, Über 5 Jahre experience, Obere Mittelstufe
19 April 2024
Ruby / Rails
I am a Full Stack Software engineer with over 6 years of expertise in Ruby on Rails and React, demonstrating proficiency in Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD, PostgreSQL, NoSQL, JQuery, Git, Jenkins along with extensive experience in API, Payment Gateway integrations and Testing.
React Native developer Kiew, Über 5 Jahre experience, Obere Mittelstufe
19 April 2024
Front-End / JS
Experience: 5 years of Full-stack development expertise. Skills: Proficient in React, React Native, Redux, Firebase, TypeScript, Next.js, RTK Query, GraphQL, MUI, SCSS, Tailwind, Bootstrap, MobX NodeJS, Express, Nest, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microservice DBs, .NET, C#, ASP.NET
Senior FullStack Developer IRC164916 4000$, Krakau, Wroclaw, Über 5 Jahre experience, Obere Mittelstufe
19 April 2024
Java Node.js Front-End / JS
I am software developer with 5 years experience in commercial development. I've been working with different products, different platforms, different methodology. From web client apps to mobile ones.
Full Stack Developer Kiew, Lemberg, Mehr als 3 Jahre experience, Obere Mittelstufe
19 April 2024
I'm a Full Stack Developer with a primary focus on Python and React. I'm passionate about building efficient, scalable applications and creating seamless user experiences. My journey in tech has been marked by constant learning and adaptation, always pushing the boundaries of my expertise.
Android developer Lemberg, 1.5 Jahre experience, Zwischenstufe
19 April 2024
developer Office/Remote of your choice engineer Java Script
NodeJS Developer 400$, Chmelnyzkyj, 1 Jahr experience, Vor-Mittelstufe
19 April 2024
I have worked with Express.js, Nest.js, and with SQL(PostgresSQL, MySQL) and a little with NoSQL(Redis for a caching, MongoDB) databases. I learn and adapt quickly, I am an open person.
DevOps Engineer 3000$, Baku, Mehr als 3 Jahre experience, Vor-Mittelstufe
19 April 2024
I have extensive experience as a DevOps engineer, managing CI/CD pipelines, automating deployments, and ensuring the reliability and scalability of infrastructure. I excel in collaborating with cross-functional teams to streamline processes and optimize performance. My strong background in Automation, containerization, and configuration management tools, Scripting ,positions me well to drive efficiency and innovation in any DevOps environment.
DevOps engineer 2500$, Baku, Mehr als 3 Jahre experience, Zwischenstufe
19 April 2024
Results-oriented Middle DevOps Engineer with over 3 years of demonstrable expertise in orchestrating and enhancing mission-critical deployments across AWS cloud and on-premise environments. Proficient in leveraging advanced configuration management, continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines, and comprehensive DevOps methodologies to streamline and optimize workflows.
Front-end developer (React) 400$, Charkiw, keine Erfahrung, Obere Mittelstufe
19 April 2024
Front-End / JS
I have a technical background with a master's degree from a technical university and a strong passion for technology. My work experience involves collaborating with people, making me a reliable team player. Thanks to my challenging pet projects, I've improved my skills way beyond what I learned in courses. It's shown me how much I really love this work and how determined I am to keep doing it in the future.
Developer C++ 1500$, Odesa, Über 5 Jahre experience, Fortgeschritten/Fließend
18 April 2024
C / C++ / Embedded
Максим Ростов - senior developer C++
18 April 2024
Привіт, я Павло, мені 23 роки, сам родом із міста Дніпро, займаюсь графічним дизайном, пишу музику і освоюю 3D графіку, працюю барменом, але дуже намагаюся змінити професію і освоювати нові знання і вміння, готовий багато працювати і навчатися.
Ruby on Rails Engineer Lemberg, Mehr als 3 Jahre experience, Obere Mittelstufe
16 April 2024
Ruby / Rails
Experienced Ruby on Rails engineer with over 3,5 years of hands-on development experience. Proficient in Ruby, Rails, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and other relevant technologies. Have successfully delivered multiple web applications and APIs using the Ruby on Rails framework. Strong problem-solving skills and a passion for building robust, scalable, and user-friendly software solutions.
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