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System Administrator 500$, Poltava, Mehr als 3 Jahre experience, Vor-Mittelstufe
Gepostet vor über 30 Tagen
SysAdmin Support
3+ роки стажу, на посаді - системний адміністратор /технічна підтримка. Навчаюсь на full stack developer, цікавлюсь автоматизацією
Product Designer 3000$, Charkiw, Über 5 Jahre experience, Obere Mittelstufe
Gepostet vor über 30 Tagen
UX / Design
Hi there! I'm a UX/UI/Product Designer from Ukraine and AVAILABLE to relocate to European Union. With 10+ years of experience, I specialize in creating visually appealing and user-friendly user interfaces. I'm eager to move to Poland or another EU Country and take on new challenges.
Senior Backend Developer 4000$, Yerevan, Über 5 Jahre experience, Obere Mittelstufe
Gepostet vor über 30 Tagen
Python Laravel Node.js AWS
Working since 2016. Officially certified laravel developer. Working with NodeJS and Python since 2018. Using PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, DYnamoDB, MongoDB and SQLite databases. Using about 15 services from AWS. Open-source development fan, linux enthusiast.
5 Dezember 2023
Senior Executive, technology-cybersecurity expert, and business strategist recognized for pioneering organizational adoption of innovations at critical inflection points in the technology industry, [Distributed Computing to Virtualization to Cloud to AI]. Identifies and assesses changing technology landscape, rapidly emerging issues, and global threat trends with a decisive analytical approach informed by deep industry experience. Aligns robust risk identification and security response strategies and solutions with business priorities to increase operational resiliency. Forerunner in developing and leading collaborative worldwide cybersecurity solutions, cloud solutions, GTM (go-to-market) strategies through design and engineering efforts across business units of global corporations. Builds consensus among groups with differing priorities and successfully negotiates both critical, time sensitive issues and protracted situations. Global perspective, ability to navigate complexity, and sound business judgement are hallmarks of career.
Java developer Charkiw, Kiew (1), 1.5 Jahre experience, Obere Mittelstufe
5 Dezember 2023
I am a Java developer who is currently working on my startup project. Ready to work full time in your company. You can read about previous experience and skills in my profile. By working with me, you will get an employee who puts effort into improving himself as a developer to achieve both your company's and personal goals.
5 Dezember 2023
CSS Figma SASS Magento WordPress Front-End / JS
I'm a responsible frontend developer with huge motivation. Ready to consider relocate
Backend Developer 3000$, Kiew, Dnipro, Über 5 Jahre experience, Zwischenstufe
5 Dezember 2023
Node.js PHP DevOps
Talented technology professional with more than 20 years of application and database development, system and network administration, hardware and software technical support experience, proficient in programming. Reputation for dedicated teamwork, high-energy work ethic, and ease and patience in working with non-technical personnel. Looking for a DevOps, Software Developer or Solution Architecture position.
NodeJS Developer 300$, Saporischschja, Lemberg (3), 0.5 Jahre experience, Zwischenstufe
4 Dezember 2023
Node.js React Express.js JavaScript Linux Nest.js MySQL
Resume: drive.google.com/file/d/1fY6se9BAKqND8HPuM7bl911Ed2mtPLZK/view?usp=sharing
Middle Unity Game Developer 600$, Charkiw, 1.5 Jahre experience, Zwischenstufe
4 Dezember 2023
CSS Unity HTML SQL / DBA C / C++ / Embedded
Я - опытный разработчик Unity с образованием в компьютерной инженерии и управлении. У меня есть опыт работы в компании Ednless Tower, где я занимался разработкой на Unity. У меня также есть навыки в CSS, HTML, SQL, C и Pascal, а также опыт работы с Microsoft Visual Studio и ASP.NET. TG @SamuraiMind
Recruitment Consultant Preßburg, 2 Jahre experience, Anfänger
4 Dezember 2023
Recruiters and HR
Я працьовита, цілеспрямована і відповідальна особистість. Вивчаю нові мови, малюю, займаюсь спортом і самореалізуюсь.
A highly focused software developer with four years of Enterprise web development experience and 10 years of programming experience in a variety of different projects.
4 Dezember 2023
Angular Docker Figma SASS Laravel Full-Stack PHP JavaScript
• Detail-oriented professional with excellent communication, interpersonal and creative thinking skills. Aiming to leverage my abilities to successfully fill the vacancy at your company. Frequently praised as hardworking by my peers, I can be relied upon to help your company achieve its goals
Japanese Content Marketing Manager/Specialist Barcelona, Über 5 Jahre experience, Obere Mittelstufe
4 Dezember 2023
Front-End / JS
Specializing in the analysis and strategy of Japanese website content SEO which includes content creation, localization, UI design optimization, A/B testing, email marketing and SEM management (listing Ads).
4 Dezember 2023
Agile Angular SASS React Native Amazon Web Services DevOps Front-End / JS React
Experienced Full-Stack Developer with a strong focus on Front-End, with 6 years of experience. Focused on responsive web design and UI/UX, | am highly passionate about addressing design challenges and creating user-friendly digital experiences.
CSS WordPress Shopify
Jestem doświadczonym specjalistą ds. IT z wieloletnim doświadczeniem jako webmaster. Mam umiejętności w zakresie tworzenia stron internetowych opartych na WordPress, obsługi sklepów internetowych na platformach WordPress i Shopify oraz znajomość języków takich jak CSS oraz HTML. Do moich mocnych stron należy również biegła obsługa narzędzi takich jak Microsoft Office i Canva.
4 Dezember 2023
HTML/CSS/JS/React Summary I am a Frontend Developer (HTML/CSS/JS/React), with Upper-Intermediate English-level, experience in working with international staff in an English-speaking environment. Technical education, math, and chess competitions provided me with creativity while solving problems and a solid technical background, and the ability to dive deep into any problem. My previous position has equipped me with stress resistance, flexibility, openness to feedback, and readiness for all changes to reach perfect results in spite of difficulties. I also managed, trained, and support a team in stressful surrounding, so can find a common language with everyone.
Flutter developer Odesa, Kiew, 0.5 Jahre experience, Zwischenstufe
3 Dezember 2023
I'm a fourth-year student passionate about Flutter app development, committed to continuous growth in this field. Through academic and commercial projects, I'm advancing towards my goal of becoming a successful developer. I'm excited to apply my Flutter skills and make a meaningful impact at your company
A versatile and skilled Java developer with over fifteen years of proven commercial experience gained in fast–paced SMEs and blue-chip PLCs across a variety of sectors including Banking, Mobile, Manufacturing, and the Aero industry. Possess extensive full life cycle experience, along with managing and mentoring agile teams and exceptional analytical, design, and problem-solving capabilities. Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills, adaptive learner, motivated and a pro-active individual constantly aiming for high recognition and standards of work.
Middle QA Engineer (manual) 1500$, Chmelnyzkyj, 2 Jahre experience, Obere Mittelstufe
3 Dezember 2023
QA Manual
Efficiency-oriented QA Engineer with 2+ years of experience. Specializing in manual testing methodologies and techniques. I`m great at combining my experience, best practices, and business requirements for creating test artifacts, avoiding bottlenecks, and identifying bugs at all stages of SDLC. The range of industries I work in is wide, most familiar with E-Commerce, Mobile, and SaaS domains. Additionally experienced in project management. I can become the energetic “epicenter” of your team.
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