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UX Designer Kiew, Über 5 Jahre experience, Obere Mittelstufe
Gepostet vor über 30 Tagen
UX Designer
UX Designer | Product Designer 2500$, Lemberg, Mehr als 3 Jahre experience, Obere Mittelstufe
Gepostet vor über 30 Tagen
Remote work (full-time)
UX Designer, Graphic Designer 900$, 1 Jahr experience, Zwischenstufe
Gepostet vor über 30 Tagen
Remote work (full-time)
UI/UX Designer 1600$, Odesa, Über 5 Jahre experience, Zwischenstufe
21 Mai 2023
Experienced UI/UX and Product designer. Participated in the development of tools for automating internal processes at one of the largest multimedia American corporations.
UI/UX Designer 1500$, Odesa, Mehr als 3 Jahre experience, Obere Mittelstufe
16 Mai 2023
I am a professional UI/UX designer with over 4 years of experience. For the past 2 years, I worked as a freelance front-end developer and designer before returning to my professional career in a company.
UI / UX designer 1800$, Kiew, Über 5 Jahre experience, Zwischenstufe
11 Mai 2023
More than 10 years of experience with Photoshop, Illustrator, html/css/js/bootstrap, partly with Wordpress. Design development for web and mobile applications. Website development with Wordpress CMS. I want to concentrate exclusively on UI/UX design direction.
UI/UX Designer Kiew, Über 5 Jahre experience, Obere Mittelstufe
8 Mai 2023
I'm an experienced UI/UX designer with over 5 years of experience. In my current position, I’ve helped tens of clients launch and improve their businesses. Wireframing, interface design, and user research were essential skills I brought to those projects. I’m also well-versed in front-end development skills, making me an excellent collaborator with development teams on web and mobile projects.
UI / UX designer Kiew, 2 Jahre experience, Vor-Mittelstufe
6 Mai 2023
Hello! Call me Lera :) I'm looking for a job as a UI/UX designer. I started creating real Web and UI/UX projects in 2021 as a freelancer. I improve my skills, read and listen a lot, and definitely practice to this day. Now my goal is to get into a friendly company where I can be useful, grow professionally, work in a team, and improve my hard and soft skills.
UI / UX designer 1200$, Kiew, Charkiw (7), 2 Jahre experience, Obere Mittelstufe
4 Mai 2023
As a UI/UX designer, my main responsibility is to ensure that the user experience of the company's products is intuitive, user-friendly, and visually appealing. I work closely with developers, product managers, and other stakeholders to understand user needs and business goals, and then use that information to design wireframes, prototypes, and high-fidelity designs.
UI/UX Designer Odesa, keine Erfahrung, Obere Mittelstufe
2 Mai 2023
I am a person with a strong desire to learn and grow in the field. Previous experience as a radiologist thought me to analyze complex data, think critically, pay attention to detail and to understand importance of empathy and communication. I am a team player who is eager to learn from senior colleagues and apply best practices in my work. Seeking an opportunity to apply my skills to a career in UI/UX design.
UI/UX Designer Outstaffing Kiew, 2 Jahre experience, Obere Mittelstufe
2 Mai 2023
Catherine is a UI/UX Designer with experience in web and mobile design.
UI / UX designer Kiew, Charkiw (4), 0.5 Jahre experience, Zwischenstufe
Gepostet vor über 30 Tagen
Наполеглива та усидлива перфекціоністка з креативним мисленням. Мене ніколи не полишає бажання вчитись та розвиватись, вивчати нове, переймати досвід більш досвідченних професіоналів.
UI / UX designer 1000$, Iwano-Frankiwsk, Lemberg, 2 Jahre experience, Obere Mittelstufe
Gepostet vor über 30 Tagen
Hello. I have been in design for more than four years. During this time I managed to work with various designs: motion (animation), video processing, printing, branding, Web, UX / UI, illustration, presentations and marketing materials. For the last two years I have been working in the direction of Web & UX/UI deisgn. During this time I worked with different companies and designs: Creating landings (one-page sites), corporative sites, Dashboards and templates for e-mail mailings.
UI/UX Designer Uschhorod, 1 Jahr experience, Vor-Mittelstufe
Gepostet vor über 30 Tagen
Я перспективний UX/UI-дизайнер із навичками розробки інтерфейсів користувача для веб-сайтів і мобільних додатків за допомогою Figma та Adobe Photoshop. Я захоплена дизайном, цілеспрямована і щодня вдосконалюю свої знання. Моя мета – знайти найкращі рішення, які задовольняють потреби бізнесу та забезпечуватимуть зручну взаємодію користувачів.
UI/UX Designer 800$, Kiew, 1.5 Jahre experience, Zwischenstufe
Gepostet vor über 30 Tagen
Greetings! My name is Alexandra. I am looking for a job UI/UX designer, Web Designer. A great desire to get into a company where my diligence, hardworking and creativity can be useful and where I can develop and improve my professional skills.
UI/UX Designer 800$, Washington, 2 Jahre experience, Zwischenstufe
Gepostet vor über 30 Tagen
A creative and passionate professional with over 2 years experience and varied expertise in graphic design,ui/ux design, and wordpress. Skilled in the production of high quality design concepts strategies with the ability to utlise ilustrator, figma, photoshop and xd for the succesful creation of new ideas and concepts
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