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Python Engineer 1000$, Krakau, Warschau (4), 1 Jahr experience, Obere Mittelstufe
Gepostet vor über 30 Tagen
🚀 Skilled Software Engineer specializing in Python (3.x), Django, Flask, FastAPI, REST API, SQL (Alembic, SQLAlchemy), NoSQL (MongoDB, MongoEngine), Redis, RabbitMQ, Docker, GitHub/GitLab. Proficient in test automation (Selenium, unittest, pytest), OOP, SOLID, DRY, YAGNI, and KISS. Efficient multitasker, adept at client communication, and innovative in problem solving. Goal: Drive company growth through timely project completion. Excited to contribute and explore opportunities. 🌟
Senior Backend Developer 4000$, Yerevan, Über 5 Jahre experience, Obere Mittelstufe
Gepostet vor über 30 Tagen
Python Laravel Node.js AWS
Working since 2016. Officially certified laravel developer. Working with NodeJS and Python since 2018. Using PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, DYnamoDB, MongoDB and SQLite databases. Using about 15 services from AWS. Open-source development fan, linux enthusiast.
Senior QA Engineer 2200$, Lemberg, Über 5 Jahre experience, Obere Mittelstufe
Gepostet vor über 30 Tagen
QA Manual
Experienced QA Engineer with a strong track record of over 6 years in delivering high-quality software solutions across diverse industries, including SaaS, E-commerce, Fintech, Health Care, Mobile apps, Marketplace, Educational apps, CRM, API's, payments providers and other 3rd party integrations. Skilled in leading QA activities throughout all project stages, from initial requirements gathering to ongoing production support.
Android developer Kiew, keine Erfahrung, Zwischenstufe
29 November 2023
Android Kotlin
A young developer with a primary focus on Kotlin. I have a passion for mobile application development and a deep understanding of programming fundamentals.
23 November 2023
Kotlin Android Java
Experienced Android Developer with 2 years of hands-on experience in the field, well-versed in a diverse set of technologies such as Kotlin, Java, Android, Room, Retrofit, Kotlin Coroutines, Kotlin Flow, Jetpack Components, Hilt, Android Navigation, Custom view, Clean architecture, Git, Kotlin serialization, Maps, Google services, and Firebase. Proven ability to design and develop mobile applications, ensuring their efficiency and user-friendliness.
Android Analytics Kotlin
A strong self-motivated Android developer with more than 5 years of experience in developing Android applications. Familiar with server-side development and API design. Have experience in working with WebRTC and Bluetooth, Multiplatform development (Kotlin Multiplatform). Have experience of working in big teams on multiple projects and creating applications from scratch.
QA engineer 1700$, Dnipro, Kiew, Über 5 Jahre experience, Zwischenstufe
18 November 2023
QA Manual
Testing web, desktop, Android iOS applications. Betting App Testing Maintaining test documentation: test cases for manual testing and autotests, project documentation. API testing. Testing of a banking mobile application. Postman. codeception Product development of tasks. Analysis and prioritization of bugs from client requests Mentoring and onboarding new employees Leading the QA Guild Selenium Webdriver
Android CSS Docker Linux MySQL Kotlin Java JavaScript HTML Python
I am a dedicated Software Engineering graduate (2nd class upper division) with a passion for personal and professional growth in the dynamic tech industry. I focus on mastering both technical skills and soft skills, including communication, collaboration, and problem-solving. In a rapidly changing world, I am committed to staying updated with industry trends by attending workshops, seminars, and conferences. I believe that successful software engineering is not just about coding; it's about empathy, teamwork, and adaptability.
Android developer 1000$, Kiew, 1.5 Jahre experience, Obere Mittelstufe
10 November 2023
Android Node.js Kotlin Python
I'm a dedicated software developer with a passion for crafting exceptional Android, Python, and NodeJS applications. I've played a pivotal role in shaping of software stack, focusing primarily on Android development. My strengths lie in effective communication, collaborative teamwork, and meticulous technical documentation.
QA Engineer manual 1800$, Winnyza, 2 Jahre experience, Obere Mittelstufe
9 November 2023
QA Manual
I am a qualified and professional QA engineer with two years of experience in mobile, web, and desktop application testing. Have strong testing and analytical skills. Team player with an eye for details.
Project Manager (Hardware) Wroclaw, Krakau (1), Über 5 Jahre experience, Fortgeschritten/Fließend
9 November 2023
Python iOS Android C / C++ / Embedded
More than 5 years of commercial experience as Project Manager in different IT sectors, work models and development methodologies in web, mobile, VR, AI, ML and etc. development. I am responsible for the full project management lifecycle (SDLC) from determining the scope of a project and presale to release and post project support. Have a QA and BA background. Work with risks and problems. Sell consulting and use upselling. 200+ successfully completed projects.
SASS React Native Adobe Photoshop Front-End / JS
NATIVE DEVELOPER I am a react native developer with 3 years experience. I am looking for a company where I can develop myself and make a contribution. It is important for me not to find a project for a short term, but a company in which I will stay for years.
6 November 2023
I am a software development engineer with experience
Kotlin Android Java Mobile App Development
Ad iscip lined Mobile developer with 2 years of experience, excel lent technical, and problem-solving skills. Interested i n client/server apps an d special izes in Mobile fi rst technolo gies. He enjoys challanges, self-improvement and communication.
Android developer 2000$, Islamabad, Über 5 Jahre experience, Fortgeschritten/Fließend
Gepostet vor über 30 Tagen
Experienced Mobile Application Developer with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and hands- on experience of 10 Years using Android development to create and implement software applications of various domains, I am confident I will be an asset to your organization. I enjoy being challenged and working on projects that require me to work outside my comfort and knowledge set, as continuing to learn new languages and development techniques are important to me.
Android developer 2000$, Kremenchuk, Über 5 Jahre experience, Zwischenstufe
Gepostet vor über 30 Tagen
Android Flutter
Android programmer with 8+ years of experience and strong history of Java and Kotlin programming. Known for writing efficient, maintainable, and reusable code. Well versed in data structures, problem-solving, debugging and interaction between various devices and versions of Android. For the last two year I using Flutter in my development.
Gepostet vor über 30 Tagen
Android CSS HTML
I have commercial experience working on a web project - testing a medical application. I have a full understanding of backend and frontend testing. I can work well in a team. I am well-organized and focused on details.
Gepostet vor über 30 Tagen
Agile Android QA Automation Python Java
Висококваліфікований Лід Ранник QA з експертизою у розробці програмного забезпечення та тестуванні. Володію відмінними навичками аналітики, командної роботи, управління часом та комунікації. Експерт в галузі тестування платформ Android, iOS та Веб, а також володію знаннями з Python, Agile методологій та засобів тестування, таких як Pytest та Postman.
Senior Android Developer 5000$, Amman, Über 5 Jahre experience, Obere Mittelstufe
Gepostet vor über 30 Tagen
Dear Client Manager, I am excited to apply for the Android position at your opening, as my extensive knowledge in Kotlin and Android makes me an ideal candidate. With a strong foundation in Kotlin and Android, I have successfully developed and deployed scalable applications that leverage its event-driven architecture. I am confident in my ability to contribute to your position.
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