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Senior Backend Developer 4000$, Єреван, Більше 5 років experience, Upper Intermediate
Розміщено більше 30 днів тому
Python Laravel Node.js AWS
Working since 2016. Officially certified laravel developer. Working with NodeJS and Python since 2018. Using PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, DYnamoDB, MongoDB and SQLite databases. Using about 15 services from AWS. Open-source development fan, linux enthusiast.
Python Engineer 1000$, Краків, Варшава (4), 1 рік experience, Upper Intermediate
Розміщено більше 30 днів тому
🚀 Skilled Software Engineer specializing in Python (3.x), Django, Flask, FastAPI, REST API, SQL (Alembic, SQLAlchemy), NoSQL (MongoDB, MongoEngine), Redis, RabbitMQ, Docker, GitHub/GitLab. Proficient in test automation (Selenium, unittest, pytest), OOP, SOLID, DRY, YAGNI, and KISS. Efficient multitasker, adept at client communication, and innovative in problem solving. Goal: Drive company growth through timely project completion. Excited to contribute and explore opportunities. 🌟
Product Designer 3000$, Харків, Більше 5 років experience, Upper Intermediate
Розміщено більше 30 днів тому
UX / Design
Hi there! I'm a UX/UI/Product Designer from Ukraine and AVAILABLE to relocate to European Union. With 10+ years of experience, I specialize in creating visually appealing and user-friendly user interfaces. I'm eager to move to Poland or another EU Country and take on new challenges.
Web Developer Ванкувер, Більше 5 років experience, Advanced/Fluent
1 червня 2024
PHP Front-End / JS
I am a senior web designer/developer with over 6 years of experience in a digital marketing setting. I am dedicated to crafting high-quality websites that seamlessly merge functionality and visual appeal, creating lasting impacts through digital experiences and fostering close, meaningful relationships with clients and collaborators.
Junior UI UX Designer 1200$, Познань, 1 рік experience, Intermediate
1 червня 2024
UI/UX Design
I'm a UI UX designer, and I have a lot of experience in developing landing page designs, multi-page sites, etc.
QA Automation Engineer 2000$, Харків, Більше 3 років experience, Intermediate
29 травня 2024
QA Automation
QA Automation engineer with over 4 years of experience.
QA Manual 1600$, Тернопіль, Харків, Більше 3 років experience, Upper Intermediate
27 травня 2024
QA Automation
Ambitious, with my own opinion and the ability to defend it, stubborn about the goals. I consider myself to be goal-oriented and responsible person. My main virtue that I learn new information quickly enough and also can easy put new knowledge into practice. Furthermore, I guess I am a people person and great team-player.
Manual QA Engineer 2000$, Полтава, Чернівці (6), Більше 3 років experience, Upper Intermediate
27 травня 2024
Android iOS
Manual QA Engineer with 3+ years of hands-on experience in testing of native iOS, Android (including Kiosk mode applications) and Web applications. Ensuring product quality is always my top priority throughout the development journey. With thorough experience in Agile methodologies, I foster collaboration and adaptability in dynamic project settings.
UI/UX Designer Хмельницький, Більше 3 років experience, Intermediate
25 травня 2024
UI/UX Design
With experience from freelance projects and a background in designing for mobile games, I've become skilled at making user-friendly interfaces and attractive elements that engage users. Ready to relocate if the employer supports obtaining a work visa.
Full Stack Web Developer 1750$, Варшава, Краків (8), Більше 3 років experience, Upper Intermediate
19 травня 2024
Full-Stack Front-End / JS BackEnd
Results-driven Full-stack developer with over 2 years of experience. Proven problem solver with a track record of developing and optimizing website performance, building projects from scratch to completion, handing them over to clients, and collaborating across teams to deliver high-quality development solutions.
Trainee Web Developer, Trainee Python Developer, Trainee Wordpress Middelburg, Ассен (8), 2 роки experience, Advanced/Fluent
19 травня 2024
PHP Python
I’ve 3+ year of experience in tech industry and also in Textile industries. These whole years of experience have made me the most exceptional and demanding one. I genuinely express the intensive skills every firm wants. Skilled Coding Teacher teaching at elementary and middle school levels. Also has Freelancing experience as a Software developer.
UI/UX Designer 550$, Львів, 1 рік experience, Pre-Intermediate
18 травня 2024
I am a Junior UI/UX designer at the start of my professional journey and am passionate about creativity and eager to learn new things. I possess the skills to create website designs that are both engaging and user-friendly. Always ready for challenges/interesting tasks, a quick learner, and open to collaboration. My goal is to enhance my skills and develop my career in a professional web design environment. I am committed to creating visually appealing and easy-to-use websites.
Junior PPC Київ, 0.5 року experience, Intermediate
Розміщено більше 30 днів тому
Amazon ECS Amazon Web Services
Я Олексій, мені 22 роки, junior ppc спеціаліст з Амазон, маю проходив курси Amazon guy та Apical Agency, відкритий до вакансій, маю аналітичні навички, системний та організований, комунікативний та креативний.
Unity developer 1200$, Дніпро, Більше 3 років experience, Upper Intermediate
Розміщено більше 30 днів тому
Skilled Unity developer with 3.5 years of experience and solid tech and soft skills. Has wide experience with prototyping, implementing features, SDK integration, optimization etc.
UI / UX designer 1000$, Київ, Більше 5 років experience, Pre-Intermediate
Розміщено більше 30 днів тому
UI/UX Design
Highly motivated web UX/UI designer with over 7 years of experience and more than 200 completed projects (websites, logos), I have a passion for creating intuitive and visually appealing digital experiences. My expertise includes conducting UX research, developing wireframes, mood boards, and prototypes. My strengths include excellent communication skills, punctuality, responsibility, solving problem. And I'm also a good team player. Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design.
UI/UX / Graphic designer 700$, Одеса, 1 рік experience, Upper Intermediate
Розміщено більше 30 днів тому
UI/UX Design
Hi 👋🏼 I’m a UI/UX designer & graphic designer. My experience ranges from designing mobile apps, landing pages and e-commerce websites to logo creation and brand identity. I provide end-to-end design services: discovery, UX research, UX design and UI design. I specialize in creating interfaces that thrill users and lead brands to success. Let’s collaborate to bring your ideas to life! PS: Big fan of baking, adore cooking in my free time.
Full Stack Web Developer Київ, 1 рік experience, Intermediate
Розміщено більше 30 днів тому
Dedicated and results-driven Full Stack JavaScript Developer with a strong background in JavaScript (ES6+), Node.js and database management using MySQL, MongoDB and HTML5, CSS/SASS,Vue, React. Experienced in version control with Git and deployment using Docker. A proactive problem-solver with a passion for delivering high-quality software solutions. Eager to contribute my technical skills and enthusiasm for innovation to a dynamic team.
Full Stack Web Developer (Middle) 2000$, Чернівці, Київ (5), Більше 5 років experience, Intermediate
Розміщено більше 30 днів тому
PHP JavaScript jQuery CSS HTML Docker Linux React Vue Angular
Більше 8 років працюю веб-розробником. Головна ціль зробити веб-сервіси клієнтів якнакращими, швидкими, оптимізованими.
Full Stack Web Developer Нью Йорк, Чикаго (8), 1 рік experience, Advanced/Fluent
Розміщено більше 30 днів тому
A Full Stack Web Developer adept in Python Flask and a myriad of cutting-edge technologies. With a profound mastery in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap 5, JavaScript/JQuery, Node.js, AJAX, and React, I bring a wealth of experience in crafting dynamic, responsive, and captivating websites that not only engage audiences but also drive tangible results and bring solution to business
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