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Photoshop artist Київ, Більше 5 років experience, Intermediate
5 травня 2023
Adobe more 10+ Photoshop 10+ Procreate 2+
Android Developer/Flutter Developer Харків, Більше 5 років experience, Intermediate
4 травня 2023
Developer on 10+ software projects: interact with product of IoT development, tools for a system workforce management, custom music player for Android Auto & Android Wear, training courses for health software, grocery shopping software, AR software, mobile secure administration system, mobile social networks. Developer on 3 projects as Flutter developer.
Software Engineer Нью Йорк, California (2), Більше 5 років experience, Upper Intermediate
4 травня 2023
Hello! I am Arthur. I am a software engineer. I am punctual, and you can trust your job to me.
Full Stack Developer Tel Aviv-Yafo, Більше 5 років experience, Advanced/Fluent
4 травня 2023
Highly motivated Full Stack Developer, passionate about web application development and XR/AR technology. Pivoting from over a decade in the creative media industry and 8 years of running a self-made successful video content company. Searching for a junior position in a growing R&D team.
Front End Engineer Сумгаїт, Більше 5 років experience, Advanced/Fluent
2 травня 2023
Front End Engineer Javascript enthusiast
DevOps / Sysadmin 4000$, В'єнтьян, Саваннакхет, Більше 5 років experience, Advanced/Fluent
30 квітня 2023
Education Network Administrator, IDF Web Master, HackerU Azure Solution Architect, Sela Linux Administration, John Bryce PC & Laptop Technician, Maltash Docker, Sqlink AZ-303 and AZ400, John Bryce IGI, IBM
Project Coordinator, Project Manager, Scrum Master 2500$, Київ, Дніпро (1), Більше 3 років experience, Upper Intermediate
29 травня 2023
'm a certified Scrum Master and skilled web development professional with strong leadership, critical thinking, and decisionmaking abilities. As a Project Manager, I've achieved a proven track record of driving successful outcomes by fostering collaboration and prioritizing stakeholder needs. Always staying current with industry trends and advancements, I thrive on the challenge of bringing creativity, expertise, and leadership to every project.
Senior Frontend Developer 5000$, Київ, Харків (3), Більше 5 років experience, Upper Intermediate
29 травня 2023
Hi, I have over 6 years of experience with React and Redux. I also have experience in back-end development(Node.js) and Next.js. I've worked on different applications for different areas, so I can bring value to you. Looking for a long term relationship to work with team and solve different level of challenges Let's discuss more about the job and requirements. Waiting for your reply.
Android developer 2000$, Одеса, 2 роки experience, Upper Intermediate
29 травня 2023
HI everyone. My name is Vladyslav. I'm android developer with 2 years experience. I got Bachelor's degree in 2021 and will achieve Master's degree in Computer Science in June 2023. I love sport and have different hobbies.
Senior С/С++ Engineer 4500$, Київ, Ужгород, Більше 5 років experience, Intermediate
29 травня 2023
Software engineer, with 10+ year of commercial experience, 7 of them with Android(AOSP, Security). I have a wide area of expertise in several technology stacks (C,C++,Java) and best practices. Most of my knowledge is related to Android. I really enjoy working in a team and love to create new products both from scratch and add features to a current application.
JavaScript developer,Front-end (React.js) 3500$, Вінниця, Більше 3 років experience, Upper Intermediate
28 травня 2023
Javascript Developer with 4+ years of experience in Frontend development. Here are a few examples of my work: Using Abode Analytics my team and I found that user struggles with UI. Our redesign solution improved user experience and saved customer support's efforts. I created documentation that helped us put the Sitecore solution in Docker, which decreased bootstrapping the project from one week to one hour.
Java Developer 300$, Київ, Без досвіду, Upper Intermediate
28 травня 2023
I am currently looking for Java developer roles. I have experience with Java, Spring Boot, Data, PostgreSQL, Azure. Also I am studying Computer Science at Kyiv Politechnic Institute.
junior c++/QT developer, junior python developer Київ, 1 рік experience, Intermediate
28 травня 2023
Hi! I`m a beginner developer who knows how to work in a team, self-disciplined, quick learner and flexible to work in solving various problems and work schedule. My professional skills are C/C++, Qt/Qml, Python, Django, Git command, Linux, Windows and others! My commercial experience includes 1 year of work with C/C++, Qt/Qml, Git command, Linux, unit-test, Cmake, Gerrit. My English is at the Intermediate level, but I am quickly developing into an improved English!
Full Stack Developer 2500$, Одеса, Запоріжжя, 2 роки experience, Pre-Intermediate
28 травня 2023
A passionate programmer and ambitious problem solver with experience of creating logical and innovative solutions to complex problems. I have experience and equally good skills in both front and back end development. I’ve been working with JavaScript programming language and related technologies such as React.js framework or Node.js language for the server-side development. At the moment, I am in search of cooperation with an experienced IT company as a Front End developer.
Trainee JavaScript Developer 500$, Київ, Без досвіду, Upper Intermediate
27 травня 2023
Junior/Trainee Back-end JavaScript developer with no commercial experience looking for the first job. Able to work with web application back-end development. Have a lot of noncommercial experience and knowledge of how applications are developed.
Business Analyst 700$, Вінниця, Без досвіду, Upper Intermediate
27 травня 2023
I am a professional business analyst with experience in marketing in the digital environment. Please contact me if you are looking for a business analyst with expertise in marketing and IT knowledge.
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