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Product Designer 3000$, Charków, Więcej niż 5 lat experience, Upper Intermediate
Opublikowano ponad 30 dni temu
UX / Design
Hi there! I'm a UX/UI/Product Designer from Ukraine and AVAILABLE to relocate to European Union. With 10+ years of experience, I specialize in creating visually appealing and user-friendly user interfaces. I'm eager to move to Poland or another EU Country and take on new challenges.
Python Engineer 1000$, Kraków, Warszawa (4), 1 rok experience, Upper Intermediate
Opublikowano ponad 30 dni temu
🚀 Skilled Software Engineer specializing in Python (3.x), Django, Flask, FastAPI, REST API, SQL (Alembic, SQLAlchemy), NoSQL (MongoDB, MongoEngine), Redis, RabbitMQ, Docker, GitHub/GitLab. Proficient in test automation (Selenium, unittest, pytest), OOP, SOLID, DRY, YAGNI, and KISS. Efficient multitasker, adept at client communication, and innovative in problem solving. Goal: Drive company growth through timely project completion. Excited to contribute and explore opportunities. 🌟
Senior Backend Developer 4000$, Yerevan, Więcej niż 5 lat experience, Upper Intermediate
Opublikowano ponad 30 dni temu
Python Laravel Node.js AWS
Working since 2016. Officially certified laravel developer. Working with NodeJS and Python since 2018. Using PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, DYnamoDB, MongoDB and SQLite databases. Using about 15 services from AWS. Open-source development fan, linux enthusiast.
Junior/Trainee Data Analytics Engineer 500$, Lwów, Równe, 0.5 roku experience, Advanced/Fluent
18 June 2024
.NET Python
Recent graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Applied Mathematics; Commercial experience as a sustaining software engineer
Senior Python Engineer 3000$, Kijów, Charków (3), Więcej niż 5 lat experience, Upper Intermediate
16 June 2024
I have eight years of experience in software development. Most of the projects I was involved in were developed from scratch. The biggest project I am proud of is a payment system aggregator for a specific market, which I cannot disclose
Lead Full Stack Engineer (Java, React) 5000$, Kijów, Charków (8), Więcej niż 5 lat experience, Advanced/Fluent
14 June 2024
Java Golang Front-End / JS Node.js PHP Python AWS Cloud Development Express.js
U Raise Me Up! Nothing is impossible. It is time to Up!
Junior Golang Developer Warszawa, 1 rok experience, Pre-Intermediate
12 June 2024
Golang Python
Over 1 year of software development experience in Golang. Proficient in Python, PHP, SQL, and skilled in GitHub, Visual Studio Code. Dedicated to leveraging technical skills and innovative problem-solving to contribute to dynamic development projects. Eager to apply and expand skills in a collaborative and growth-oriented environment.
Paid Internship Program for Elixir Developers Los Angeles, 1 rok experience, Advanced/Fluent
12 June 2024
I am an entry-level elixir developer looking to gain Job ready experience and help solve real-world problems with my skillsets
Senior Python developer 1500$, Taszkent, Więcej niż 3 lata experience, Advanced/Fluent
10 June 2024
Python BackEnd Full-Stack PHP JavaScript
As a skilled software engineer, my expertise lies in the realm of full-stack web development, backend development, and automation. With over 4 years of experience and proficiency in programming languages such as Python, JavaScript, and PHP, I offer a wide range of development services, including website building, application coding, and server deployments. I have worked with popular web frameworks for Python, such as FastAPI, Flask, and Django.
Full Stack Engineer (Node.js/TypeScript/React) 4000$, Radovis, Więcej niż 5 lat experience, Upper Intermediate
6 June 2024
C / C++ / Embedded Android Node.js PHP Python
Senior ReactJs developer 3000$, Boston, Washington (8), Więcej niż 5 lat experience, Upper Intermediate
5 June 2024
Front-End / JS Golang Node.js PHP Python
7+ years of experience as a software developer, working on a live large scale data-driven and SaaS product Developed more than 6 web applications from small to large scale using server-side languages like React.js, Vue.js, Python and NodeJS Managed full development life cycle from technical requirements, solution design, development, testing, documentation through production rollout
Python developer 135000$, Sylacauga, Więcej niż 5 lat experience, Advanced/Fluent
5 June 2024
Talented backend developer adept at contributing to a highly collaborative work environment, finding solutions and determining customer satisfaction. Around 9 years of experience as a Python Developer, proficient coder in multiple languages and environments including various programming languages, frameworks and microservices..
API + Automation Python IRC168811 600000$, Chennai, Coimbatore (4), 2 lata experience, Intermediate
Opublikowano ponad 30 dni temu
i am Esther Prabhakaran, a dedicated Django developer with two years of hands-on experience, eager to bring my expertise to propel IT company forward.
Software Development Engineer in Test 9000$, Brasov, Więcej niż 3 lata experience, Advanced/Fluent
Opublikowano ponad 30 dni temu
Java Python
I’m a senior QA automation developer and freelancer with extensive experience in Fortune 500 companies delivering projects ranging from cybersecurity to banking portals the global market, interested in remote contracts. Here are some of the most relevant achievements: I improved turnover time from 1 week to 1 hour per test scenario, I boosted testing precision by 80%, reduced the data generation time by 30x per data point.
Cyber security specialist 650$, Lwów, 0.5 roku experience, Upper Intermediate
Opublikowano ponad 30 dni temu
I like jazz, radioelectronics, chess, sports and creative photography.
Python backend developer 2900$, Czerniowce, Więcej niż 3 lata experience, Upper Intermediate
Opublikowano ponad 30 dni temu
Python Django Angular
Knowledgeable and skilled software development professional offering advanced abilities in wide range of programming languages, including Python and JavaScript/TypeScript. Quickly understands requirements for new systems and creates robust code. Familiar with testing, debugging and correcting problems found in existing software systems.
IT Recruiter Kijów, Więcej niż 3 lata experience, Pre-Intermediate
Opublikowano ponad 30 dni temu
PHP Python Front-End / JS
PHP Developer, qa engineer, frontend developer, machine learning engineer
Middle Flutter Developer 135000$, Nowy Jork, Los Angeles (8), Więcej niż 5 lat experience, Advanced/Fluent
Opublikowano ponad 30 dni temu
Android iOS Front-End / JS PHP Node.js Python Java Golang C / C++ / Embedded
Experienced Full Stack Software Developer proficient in iOS, Android, and cross-platform frameworks like Flutter and React Native. Skilled in Swift, Kotlin, JavaScript, and UI/UX design, I specialize in crafting robust mobile solutions.
Trainee Web Developer, Trainee Python Developer, Trainee Wordpress Middelburg, Assen (8), 2 lata experience, Advanced/Fluent
Opublikowano ponad 30 dni temu
PHP Python
I’ve 3+ year of experience in tech industry and also in Textile industries. These whole years of experience have made me the most exceptional and demanding one. I genuinely express the intensive skills every firm wants. Skilled Coding Teacher teaching at elementary and middle school levels. Also has Freelancing experience as a Software developer.
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