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Full Stack Web Developer 7100$, Karmi'el, Więcej niż 3 lata experience, Intermediate
Opublikowano ponad 30 dni temu
Experienced Fullstack Software Engineer with deep knowledge in ReactJS, NodeJS and MongoDB. Motivated for my next challenge in a company that is looking for a great team player and self-learner to develop end-to-end web applications and deal with challenging problems.
Senior Backend Developer 4000$, Yerevan, Więcej niż 5 lat experience, Upper Intermediate
Opublikowano ponad 30 dni temu
Python Laravel Node.js AWS
Working since 2016. Officially certified laravel developer. Working with NodeJS and Python since 2018. Using PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, DYnamoDB, MongoDB and SQLite databases. Using about 15 services from AWS. Open-source development fan, linux enthusiast.
Senior QA Engineer 2200$, Lwów, Więcej niż 5 lat experience, Upper Intermediate
Opublikowano ponad 30 dni temu
QA Manual
Experienced QA Engineer with a strong track record of over 6 years in delivering high-quality software solutions across diverse industries, including SaaS, E-commerce, Fintech, Health Care, Mobile apps, Marketplace, Educational apps, CRM, API's, payments providers and other 3rd party integrations. Skilled in leading QA activities throughout all project stages, from initial requirements gathering to ongoing production support.
Full Stack Developer 6000$, Lublin, Więcej niż 5 lat experience, Upper Intermediate
3 grudnia 2023
Front-End / JS Node.js Python C / C++ / Embedded
Passionate full-stack and web3 developer with 7+ years of software development experience. I have hands-on experience in integrating, testing, and documenting enterprise client/server web & dApps. Specialize in service industries such as FinTech, Insurance and E-Commerce. I am eager to bring my coding expertise to a talented engineering team and develop high-quality solutions.
Developer python 1000$, Eindhoven, 1 rok experience, Intermediate
3 grudnia 2023
I am learning the Python language with pleasure, I really like programming! ​
Fullstack Developer 5000$, Montreal, Toronto, Więcej niż 5 lat experience, Intermediate
29 listopada 2023
Front-End / JS Node.js Python PHP Blockchain BackEnd
Senior fullstack & blockchain developer
Data analyst 1500$, Baku, Więcej niż 3 lata experience, Upper Intermediate
28 listopada 2023
I am eager to cooperate with driven and collaborative teams. The major aim is to use my knowledge and experience to assist the company in becoming more effective and efficient, while also acquiring new skills from my coworkers. In our line of business, I always expect to see a corporation that cares about its people in order for them to be highly motivated.
Junior QA Engineer (manual) 700$, Lwów, 1.5 roku experience, Advanced/Fluent
23 listopada 2023
Amazon Web Services CSS Python QA Automation
Skills:  SQL;  Chrome Dev Tools;  Radio electronics;  Embedded systems;  API and FullRestAPI;  Azure and AWS;  Advanced PC user (multi OS);  HTML;  CSS;  JavaScript;  NodeJS;  QA Manual, Automation;  SDLC, STLCPython;  Flask;  ML;  CV;  Creating neural networks based on Python;  GitHub аnd Gitlab;  Postman;  Selenium;  Appium  Jira;  Jmeter
20 listopada 2023
Amazon Web Services CSS Django Docker Python
Complex problem-solver with analytical and driven mindset. Dedicated to achieving demanding development objectives according to tight schedules while producing impeccable code.
Senior Python developer 4600$, Kijów, Więcej niż 3 lata experience, Upper Intermediate
18 listopada 2023
I'am a software engineer, specializing in Python. Throughout my career, I have gained extensive experience in developing and managing AWS-based microservices using various formation strategies. My background in algorithms and Complexity Theory has allowed me to have success in coding competitions. As an ambitious and driven individual I'am highly motivated to continuously improve my skills and pursue career growth in the software engineering field.
Summary: 8 years of experience in backend development, especially with Python, broad knowledge in frontend and clouds.
14 listopada 2023
CSS Docker Linux DevOps MySQL Python JavaScript Java HTML
I am a highly skilled IT specialist with a strong background in application programming, Python, and API development. I have a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from University College Dublin, with a GPA of 3.76. I have a solid understanding of software engineering principles and extensive experience in various programming languages, including Java, JavaScript, and C. I have a proven track record of successfully completing complex projects, such as developing a multiplayer web application for the Internet Society of UCD. This project involved implementing session management, user registration, and real-time interactive features. I also created a 3D renderer using the ray casting algorithm, demonstrating my proficiency in computer graphics. In addition to my technical skills, I possess excellent communication and problem-solving abilities, which have been demonstrated through my role as an Events Officer for Netsoc. This position allowed me to plan and organize tech events, further developing my leadership and organizational skills. Overall, I am a dedicated and experienced IT professional with a strong passion for programming and a drive to deliver high-quality solutions.
CSS Docker Linux Node.js Python Java JavaScript
I am a computer science student with a strong foundation in programming and problem-solving. I have experience developing AI applications using Python and implementing algorithms like Hill Climbing and Simulated Annealing. I am currently seeking opportunities to apply my skills and contribute to a challenging and realistic project based on the knowledge gained during my studies. Contact me at raf[email protected] or +55 21 972103271 for more information.
Android CSS Docker Linux MySQL Kotlin Java JavaScript HTML Python
I am a dedicated Software Engineering graduate (2nd class upper division) with a passion for personal and professional growth in the dynamic tech industry. I focus on mastering both technical skills and soft skills, including communication, collaboration, and problem-solving. In a rapidly changing world, I am committed to staying updated with industry trends by attending workshops, seminars, and conferences. I believe that successful software engineering is not just about coding; it's about empathy, teamwork, and adaptability.
Python developer 4000$, Lwów, Więcej niż 3 lata experience, Upper Intermediate
10 listopada 2023
Hello, I'm Arsen, a Python developer with 3 years of commercial experience. I believe my experience and passion for Python development align well with the opportunities presented by this role. I'm eager to bring my skills to your team and contribute to the success of your projects.
CSS Linux Java Python JavaScript HTML
Experienced software test engineer with a strong background in Java, Python, and SQL. Skilled in automated testing frameworks and API integration, with a certification as a Certified Scrum Master. Proficient in various programming languages and technologies, including HTML, CSS, Gitlab, and JIRA. Committed to delivering high-quality software solutions and continuously improving the testing process.
Android developer 1000$, Kijów, 1.5 roku experience, Upper Intermediate
10 listopada 2023
Android Node.js Kotlin Python
I'm a dedicated software developer with a passion for crafting exceptional Android, Python, and NodeJS applications. I've played a pivotal role in shaping of software stack, focusing primarily on Android development. My strengths lie in effective communication, collaborative teamwork, and meticulous technical documentation.
9 listopada 2023
Docker Linux SAP MySQL Analytics Data Science Python
I am a Data Engineer/Python Developer with more than 3 years of hands-on experience. I delight in solving complex problems and finding solutions. Moreover, I am always eager to explore diferent approaches to solving a problem. Not afraid to learn new things.
Project Manager (Hardware) Wroclaw, Kraków (1), Więcej niż 5 lat experience, Advanced/Fluent
9 listopada 2023
Python iOS Android C / C++ / Embedded
More than 5 years of commercial experience as Project Manager in different IT sectors, work models and development methodologies in web, mobile, VR, AI, ML and etc. development. I am responsible for the full project management lifecycle (SDLC) from determining the scope of a project and presale to release and post project support. Have a QA and BA background. Work with risks and problems. Sell consulting and use upselling. 200+ successfully completed projects.
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