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Photoshop artist Київ, Більше 5 років experience, Intermediate
5 травня 2023
Adobe more 10+ Photoshop 10+ Procreate 2+
Android Developer/Flutter Developer Харків, Більше 5 років experience, Intermediate
4 травня 2023
Developer on 10+ software projects: interact with product of IoT development, tools for a system workforce management, custom music player for Android Auto & Android Wear, training courses for health software, grocery shopping software, AR software, mobile secure administration system, mobile social networks. Developer on 3 projects as Flutter developer.
Software Engineer Нью Йорк, California (2), Більше 5 років experience, Upper Intermediate
4 травня 2023
Hello! I am Arthur. I am a software engineer. I am punctual, and you can trust your job to me.
Full Stack Developer Tel Aviv-Yafo, Більше 5 років experience, Advanced/Fluent
4 травня 2023
Highly motivated Full Stack Developer, passionate about web application development and XR/AR technology. Pivoting from over a decade in the creative media industry and 8 years of running a self-made successful video content company. Searching for a junior position in a growing R&D team.
Front End Engineer Сумгаїт, Більше 5 років experience, Advanced/Fluent
2 травня 2023
Front End Engineer Javascript enthusiast
DevOps / Sysadmin 4000$, В'єнтьян, Саваннакхет, Більше 5 років experience, Advanced/Fluent
Розміщено більше 30 днів тому
Education Network Administrator, IDF Web Master, HackerU Azure Solution Architect, Sela Linux Administration, John Bryce PC & Laptop Technician, Maltash Docker, Sqlink AZ-303 and AZ400, John Bryce IGI, IBM
QA Manual Рівне, Більше 3 років experience, Upper Intermediate
31 травня 2023
More than 3 years of experience in software testing. Worked on small and enterprise-level projects based on Agile methodologies within mobile and web applications. Experienced in functional, non-functional, regression, exploratory, cross browser and other types of testing.
Senior java developer (relocation to Norway) Делі, Більше 5 років experience, Upper Intermediate
31 травня 2023
• Seasoned Technical Leader/Manager with hands on knowledge of Waterfall and Agile methodology and work experience of more than 12.5 years. • Certified Scrum Master with 5 years of experience working as a Scrum Master and Technical Leader, currently facilitating 2 teams of 7 members each. • As a Scrum Master facilitating and helping in the Agile maturity of the teams and figuring out what works best for which team.
Java Backend IRC168338 Дніпро, Більше 3 років experience, Upper Intermediate
30 травня 2023
As a hardworking, dedicated software developer I am committed to delivering high-quality, innovative solutions to complex problems. With experience working on software for mobile providers as part of a worldwide distributed team, I have developed strong communication skills, enabling me to work effectively with colleagues and clients.
Manual QA Engineer 1400$, Львів, 2 роки experience, Upper Intermediate
30 травня 2023
A team player with excellent communication skills and a strong focus on delivering high-quality results.
Sales Managеr Львів, 1 рік experience, Upper Intermediate
30 травня 2023
I am interested in employment with a company where i can use my ability to communicate with people and take advantage of my knowledge of English. I am punctual, dependable, open-minded and hardworking person. Also my strong skills: stress-resistance, communication, willingness to learn.
public relations manager 1300$, Львів, Київ, Більше 3 років experience, Advanced/Fluent
30 травня 2023
Я піар менеджер із трьома роками досвіду. Є досвід роботи у журналістиці (hromadske tv) та у нерухомості. Шукаю довготривалий проект. Можу надіслати cv, а також портфоліо
Front End Developer 500$, Київ, Без досвіду, Pre-Intermediate
30 травня 2023
I'm an aspiring Front-End developer with with knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Node.js. I have no experience, but I have enough knowledge and inspiration for work and new projects. I have experience working in a team (on courses) where I worked with the team on several joint projects and had the opportunity to become a team leader of our team. I am a fast learner and always ready for challenges.
Full-stack developer 3500$, Київ, Харків (3), Більше 5 років experience, Upper Intermediate
30 травня 2023
I’m an accomplished Full-Stack developer with 6+ years hands in this sphere. I’m striving for ideal coding to be up-to-date and grow through complex projects. I keep my codes clean and manual, architecting highly-optimized, scalable, and reusable web apps. I am open to fresh ideas and work individually and in a team. My slogan is- “Be the best in what you do”.
iOS Developer Trainee Алма-Ата, 2 роки experience, Upper Intermediate
30 травня 2023
As a dedicated iOS Developer, I blend creativity and technical skill to create exceptional app experiences. My relentless drive to exceed expectations and strong leadership set me apart. Together, let's turn your app vision into reality with unparalleled quality and innovation.
Junior Front-end/Full-stack Developer 500$, Київ, Львів, 0.5 року experience, Intermediate
30 травня 2023
I have four months of commercial experience and about two years of experience in educational projects as close as possible to real projects. I have good knowledge of JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS(SASS), Next.js, React, SQL, Node.js, and I will be very happy if I have to learn new technologies. Also, I have experience with 3D design, which has helped me to develop a keen eye for detail and a strong sense of aesthetics.
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