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400 - 800$
1 year
Full-time work
Remote work

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Mate academy is an edtech startup whose mission is to help 1 million people around the world learn to code. The main product is a training platform. Since 2022, the team has entered the international market. 2,500+ graduates have already landed their first IT job. In just 4 months, free of charge until employment. We are currently looking for a cool interviewer to join the team.

It will be possible

  • Increase the level of English and the level of soft skills
  • Improve the skills of conducting interviews, evaluating candidates and providing feedback
  • Master basic topics from various IT areas (QA, JavaScript, Java, Python, UI/UX Design)
  • Get various paths for further development in non-technical positions in the IT market

Required skills

  • English at Upper-intermediate level and above
  • Well-developed communication skills: the ability to "read" people, understand their motivation (empathy)
  • Love for people and constant communication with them
  • Willingness to take Basic courses in all areas that we teach (Recruitment, QA, JavaScript, Java, Python, UI/UX Design).

It will be a plus

  • Ability to conduct interviews, ask clarifying questions to get to the truth


  • Conducting video interviews with applicants to the academy for full-time courses in various fields
  • Selection of candidates who are motivated to study and change their profession
  • Providing high-quality meaningful feedback after the interview
  • Suggestions for improving the selection process
  • Familiarity with the basics of programming (HTML/CSS, JS, SQL, etc.)
  • Checking test tasks of entrants
  • Signing contracts with applicants
  • Conducting trial HR interviews with students who are starting their job search
  • Work with the CRM system

We offer

  • A cool mission to help thousands of people become programmers
  • Corporate culture is similar to Google, lack of bureaucracy
  • Full-time (9 - 18.00 or 10.00 - 19.00)
  • Free corporate English (2 times a week)
  • Lunches at the expense of the company (if you work in an office)
  • Unlimited vacation

Recruitment process

  • Test task (will be sent by mail)
  • Screen call with a recruiter (in Zoom)
  • Final interview with the co-founder of the company and the recruiter
  • Reference check
  • Offer

And most importantly, we are looking for a person who believes in our mission - to build the University of the future in Computer Science, teach programming and help find the first job in tech 1M people around the world.

Specializations: Support
Keywords: Office/Remote of your choice

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400 - 800$
1 year
Full-time work
Remote work
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