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1 year
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If you are attracted to the field of arbitration and you are ready for hard work — Welcome! If you are a crypto pro, we will be happy to meet you at an interview;)

But first, let's understand that we are suitable for each other:

- You have experience with Crypto for at least 1 year (currently we do not consider Junior level candidates)

- You work with every stage of the funnel: from generation of contacts and campaign testing to comprehensive analysis of flows and scaling

- You confidently work with large budgets

- Experience with Facebook/Twitter/Google/Youtube is a priority, but we are also willing to consider other sources in which you have experience.

Why should you work with us?

- We have unlimited budgets, our own designers (creo/ and lands for creating funnels) and our own technical department;

- You have freedom of action in order to express yourself and achieve results;

- Our buyers have a good % of the profit, so there are no limits to earnings;

- Our team members are professionals who are always ready to share insider information;

- You have the opportunity to hire an assistant, thanks to which you will have enough time for scaling;

- We encourage and stimulate the development of players: show a great result — you can become a team leader and form your own team! Maybe you are already positioning yourself as a team leader? Write and let's discuss prospects ;)

We offer remote work, for this we have fully established interaction processes and infrastructure. There is also an office in Lviv with everything you need for work and various goodies

paid vacation and sick leave

free English language courses;

Specializations: Media buying

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1 year
Full-time work
Remote work
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